Everything A Garden Needs: In One Place!

Backyard Pond Supplies

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Everything A Garden Needs: In One Place!

Backyard Pond Supplies

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Garden Pond Supply Superstore:

Welcome to Garden PondSupply ! We are the ultimate one stop shop and best online pond supply store! Our water gardens collection of products for Maintenance, Accessories, and Full Kits to Build Your Very Own Backyard oasis. Enjoy Pond Supplies at affordable prices and Excellent Shipping on most items. No water features too big or small here! Believe you can run wild! We carry everything needed for existing or new pond from water features to liners and lights with all things in between.

Pond Supplies & Tips on how to spice up your Backyard Pond

Does My Water Garden Require Aerators or Pumps?

If you don't have any wildlife in your pond, specifically, fish with working pond aerators, then there isn't a need for a pump. The caveat here is, you need to make sure that the pond predators and ecosystem is in balance. Without fish, the pond health and water balance is healthy with natural bacteria, plants, and a strong nitrogen cycle which will benefit from added aeration and oxygen.

Solar Pond Supplies: Go Solar With Your Water Gardens!

Water garden supplies & backyard ideas:

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Solar Pond Supplies: Go Solar With Your Water Gardens!


Overview of Pond Building:

First time pond builders or maintaining a pond yourself, there are important guidelines to follow. These rules (when to turn on the de icer, for example) aren't set in stone but an excellent checklist to compare against what you have already in your backyard.

Primarily, you want to make sure your pond and the product you're considering to add to it, has the essential elements to not interrupt its' natural function. If you're building a small project, it should remain that way until you have the proper pump selection for things like waterfalls etc.

These Pond Supplies are:

1. Underlayment

2. Pond Liners

3. Bricks or heavy rocks,

4. Pumps, Filters, Tubing, Pipes, Water Features, Skimmers and of course, an Aerator.

If you have any questions regarding how to build your ponds or pond products specifics, what your garden pond is possibly missing, we have an excellent FAQs section. This website is more than just a supply store so be sure to check out our guides (No need to start an account either!)

What advice do we have on building in backyards?

Building ponds on your own, starts with proper planning and obtaining products beforehand. You can take the route of solo creativity, or you can use the guidance of pond kits.

In basic terms, to build a pond you'll need to follow the basic guidelines of marking the boundaries of the pond, followed by excavation and the addition of rocks, liners, water and wildlife.

Additionally, you must be well versed in pond products that are very mechanical - such as pond pumps which can make or break anyones ponds.