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HQUA Pond And Lake Aeration System

HQUA PAS20 Pond & Lake Aeration System Features a Complete Aeration System.

✅ Keeps Water Clear and Reduces the Chance of Fish Kills!

HQUA Pond & Lake Aeration System

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Garden Pond Supply Gives You the Tools:

How Do You Build a Garden Pond?

Building a backyard pond on your own, starts with proper planning. You can take the route of solo creativity, or you can use the guidance of pond kits.

In basic terms, to build a pond you'll need to follow the basic guidelines of marking the boundaries of the pond, followed by excavation and the addition of rocks, liners, water and wildlife.

Overview of Pond Building:

If you're a first time pond builder or maintaining a pond yourself, there are important guidelines to follow. These rules aren't set in stone but an excellent checklist to compare against what you have already in your backyard.

Primarily, you want to make sure your pond has the essential elements.

These Pond Supplies are: Underlayment, Pond Liner, Bricks or heavy rocks, Pumps, Filters, Tubing, Pipes, Skimmers and an Aerator.

If you have any questions regarding how to build your pond or what your garden pond is possibly missing, Garden Pond Supply has an excellent Frequently Asked Questions section. If you don't see your question answered, don't hesitate to reach out to us for help!

Does My Pond Require Aerators or Pumps?

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Garden Pond Supply Tips on how to spice up your Backyard Pond

Garden Pond Supply

Backyard Pond Ideas From Garden Pond Supply:

Today, individuals are willing to sacrifice anything, if it means adding beauty to their homes.

After all, everyone deserves an amazing homestead.

In the recent past, installing a pond has become a trend. Whether you are building your backyard pond or looking forward to adding some extra features to your existing pond, Garden Pond Supply has some simple and cheap backyard pond ideas to share. 

Spice things with some water plants

How do you want your pond to appear?

Regardless of the size of the pond, adding some great plants to your water garden never goes wrong if it came in handy.

When shopping around for pond supply, you can add both submerged and floating plants in your cart.

Finding plants such as water lilies and lotuses shouldn’t be much of a problem right now. When dealing with the water plants, it would be best if you also included the pond-side plants.

Adding them gives your water garden pond the natural appearance that you always desire. At Garden Pond Supply, we can guide you on how to choose the right garden plants based on your taste.

Throw in some fish

A fish pond will always sound dead without some fish inside.

From an expert’s perspective, fish play a significant role in adding life and character to your backyard pond.

With the right filter to allow proper solar powered pond aerator, adding fish to your water garden should be a walk in the park.

When getting your pond supplies, you can inquire about the variety of fish available, and that you can add to the garden.

It would be best if you include various types of fish in there. By doing so, you help make the water garden look extra natural. 

Light up the pond

Your water garden shouldn’t shine only during the day alone.

As you know, aquatic life still moves on whether it’s night time or day.

Well, installing the pond lights should be, therefore, among your priorities.

Pond lights help much when it comes to adding dimension to your pond. Besides, the lights usually help in highlighting the significant water features.

You can consult with your pond supplier to find out which lighting works best based on the appearance you want to achieve. Another thing, pond lights come at different prices.

Therefore, if you are operating under a tight budget, you can always find the best lights for your pond. 

A fountain/waterfall should come in handy

A fountain is one of the best things you can ever have introduced in your pond.

First, the fountain helps boost the natural beauty of your pond. Also, the same fountain helps with the aeration.

Besides, you can’t ignore the fact that it helps keep the water moving. A waterfall is also not bad if it came in handy.

It helps with the aeration as well while keeping the algae growth at bay.

The amazing thing is that building a fountain and waterfall is simple. You can consult a garden pond supply pro for ideas.