December 03, 2019 2 min read

You nailed it. The pond you built yourself looks absolutely marvelous and you walk inside for the evening.

Fast-forward to a few days into the future - all of a sudden the pond water is murky and a faint aroma of stink rises into your nostrils.

Could it be the darn leaves?

How about the algae? 

"What could it be!?", you think to yourself.

"Let's check the pH!", is your next thought, and you wouldn't be wrong with that move except.... forgot to purchase a quality pond pump!

That's right, a quality pond pump can make - or break, a backyard pond oasis.

Don't Neglect Your Pond Pump

It's true, your pond pump will function as best it can but only as efficient as the whole sanitary system provides.

As you're building a water garden, it's absolutely paramount that you don't make the fatal mistake of overlooking the pond pump and pond hose!

Most problems arise when pond owners attempt to use the incorrect sized tubing in their pond designs.

Inevitably, this will always end with insufficient flow, failure to produce proper filtration, and render your pond pump useless.

What about larger waterfall pumps?

Despite the laws of physics, in this scenario, a bigger sized pump actually, does not always mean an increase in water.

PVC hoses can only take on a certain amount of volume per size.

The cost of taking care of the system early is more money upfront but taking the stance of long-term play, it is more cost effective than replacing a ruined pond pump.


Remember as you're putting together your water garden: Right Hose dimensions will save your pond in the long run!

Choose the right pond pump, then pick the right hose to go with it.

Pond Pump Vs Pond Hose
Garden Pond Supply
Garden Pond Supply

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