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Pond treat strategies should work well enough to protect your pond from algae and other poor pond states. Here are some of the best ways to perform pond treatment.

How do you know if your pond needs treatment?

The truth is that you know your pond needs treatment when it starts to become a problem. Whether this means a sharp increase in algae or the water becomes cloudy, you should perform some pond treat strategies before these problems impact your enjoyment of the property.

The best solution for you might be an annual chemical treatment. If pesticides are not allowed on your property then there are other natural pond treats that can work just as well, if not better than chemicals.

What type of pond treatments are there?

There are all types of pond treats available at your local fish store, online stores and even hardware stores have their own brand of "pond aid". The truth is many ponds need more than one form of treat.

Chemicals only help so much with algae, they don't always help your pond stay clear. Maintaining a healthy environment with plenty of oxygen and nutrients will ensure that you won't have to run out and buy pond treat after pond treat.

Treatment the Natural Way

Natural pond treats are the best choice for most people because of their ability to help build healthy ponds naturally. While this might not be the best option for large ponds, medium sized water features should be able to handle these techniques without worrying about getting too backed up or unhealthy waters.

The first step is proper filtration. It is amazing how many times people neglect this part of being a good land owner…or manager!

Filters cannot work if they are clogged with debris so make sure you have removed all of the particles from your water feature or pond.

In addition to cleaning your filtration system, it is also a good idea to add bacteria that will break down organic materials in the water and on surfaces of your pond. These types of products are found at most fish stores and pet stores.

In addition to running a proper filter system you can add beneficial bacteria to help break down phosphates and nitrates in the water column. This type of treatment is very similar to adding bacteria for biological filtration, but these species only eat the harmful chemicals while the other eats organics in the pond. Using more than one type of treatment can even work better than using just one!

Choosing Natural Pond Treats

Natural pond treats should always be considered before reaching for chemicals. There are many products that you can put in your pond to help maintain clear water and healthy aquatic life.

Adding beneficial bacteria or enzymes to help breakdown phosphates and nitrates will not only impact the quality of your pond, but it will also increase the amount of oxygen available for fish and filter feeders! This means less smells, more activity, better coloration on fish…the list goes on.

These types of treats should be used before turning to chemicals because they work much better without impacting your fishes' health or creating dead zones where nothing can live.

Another type of natural treat is using barley straw

The great thing about this product is its ability to break down pond scum (mostly) naturally while adding extra tannins to your pond. This can help reduce phosphate levels and keep the water nice and clear. It also helps eliminate odors that are caused by sludge building up on pond surfaces.

Adding barley straw is another great way to naturally treat your pond, just remember not to remove it until you have taken care of the problem! Like most natural treats it is not a forever solution but more like a short term hold over while you build up healthy soil on your property or restore the original conditions in your landscape design.

Barley straw is also safe for koi and goldfish which makes it even more useful to keep in your pond toolbox. Barley straw can be added by attaching to your filter or just placing in the water near an outlet that kicks off when the pump shuts down for the day.

There are many other natural pond treats on the market today, you might have to try a few before finding one that suits you best. Remember, there are no quick fixes available so make sure you do everything possible to help create a healthy environment for your aquatic life!

Airmax PondClear Pond Clarification

The Airmax PondClear Pond Clarification Water Treatment Made from Natural Beneficial Bacteria – 12 Packets Cleans & Clarifies 1/4 Acre Pond Up to 3 Months

This PondClear Ponds Treatment is an eco-friendly bacterial product for ponds. It contains naturally occurring bacteria to help reduce harmful pond weed, green water, sludge and pond odors. This healthy pond treatment can be used in both above ground outdoor fish habitats as well as below ground water features.

Airmax PondClear 70g Qty 1 Pond Clear Water Clarifier Bacteria Treatment

Airmax Ponds are made from 100% natural ingredients with added amino acids to feed beneficial bacteria which break down phosphates and nitrates in the pond. As the bacteria proliferate they will purify green water reducing offensive odors and create a healthier environment for your fish to thrive in. Each bag treats to 20 000 liters of pond water and should be used in conjunction with a pond phosphate binder to fully maximize results.

Pond Clear is an easy to use liquid pond treat which can help you get rid of string algae and green water obscuring your pond's beauty. It also reduces the need for traditional forms of filtration such as UV units, clarifiers, protein skimmers and ozone pumps. This solution is safe for koi, goldfish and other fish (including fry) and plants and comes in a handy 1-liter package size that treats ponds up to 10,000 liters (2200 gallons).

How PondClear works:

Natural String Algae Control - Kills existing strands & prevents new growth

Carbon Pond Care - Remove debris from bottom of pond, promotes healthy plant growth

Healthy Living - Reduces pond maintenance, reduces odours from decaying organic matter

Aeration Pond Care - Natural oxygen supply, creates healthier environment for fish and plants

Quick Fix - Instant affects take place in minutes


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