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In order for pondless and cascading waterfalls to be an effective centerpiece and accent in the landscape.

Its design features need to be taken into account as well as the season your water garden is in, for example - the winter.

Specifically, the interaction of a homeowner with a water feature are important.

Pondless and Cascading Waterfall Feng Shui

Simple projects can result in a homeowner who wanted to create a simple, low-maintenance waterfall in a small but reasonable 6 by 6 foot space becoming a place of beauty.

Appropriate waterfall design is important to avoid the waterfall looking unnatural, or commonly referred to as the "volcanic effect".

Regardless of limited space, the variety change is masked by a combination of stone settlements, land plants and their counterparts, aquatic plants.

Without landscaping, No water feature is complete

The water feature is not only an effective highlight for the landscape, but also the perfect starting point for any landscape renovation.

Aquatic plants soften gravel and rocks that form the backbone of any waterfall project.

Consider planting water and landscape shrubs

Even trees and shrubs as "putting on" a water feature and not as fish food.

Plants are essential to completing the look. They also help add a waterfall to the natural environment of the yard.

PondBuilder devices such as the Elite Cascading Falls, Pump Canyon, and Water Basin Matrix, used in this simple Pondless waterfall, simplify installation for home improvement families and professional contractors.

PondBuilder offers Cascade Falls units for all sizes and design types. Reduce your maintenance effort by choosing the right waterfall equipment right from the start!

Overall, this modest waterfall has a significant impact on the space, giving the homeowner the quaint sound of water at home, and was well worth the minimal cost of the stone, pond care and planting.

Let PondBuilder help you plan your next water feature.

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Garden Pond Supply

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