External Pond Pumps

External Pond Pumps and their ability to keep a backyard pond clean as well as operational with wildlife makes this pond equipment absolutely necessary.

How do External Pond Pumps Work?

External pond pumps operate on a basic principle where an electric motor is used to turn an impeller.

Wondering what an impeller is?

An impeller is a rotating component of a centrifugal pump which transfers energy from the motor that drives the pump to the fluid being pumped by accelerating the fluid outwards from the center of rotation.

With the External Pond Pump, an electric motor is used to turn this impeller, which draws water in one side of the pump, and expels water out the other end.

The amount of flow is determined by the size and power of the impeller, which in turn will require a certain power output from the electric motor.

Benefits of External Pond Pumps

Pound per pound, the external pond pumps offer more power when compared to their sister Submersible Pond Pumps.

External pumps for ponds are ideal for larger ponds and their accompanying water features.

The only caveat of the external pumps is that the set up in the initial phase is time consuming but well worth it in the end.

These pond pumps will easily move large volumes of water, stay energy efficient, and remain fairly resistant to clogging.

External Pond Pump: Great For Water Fountains

When water features, such as Waterfall fountains, need to move large volumes of water fast, it is advised that you consider using an external pond water fountain pump.

If there is a large water feature, then most submersible pumps in this case will have a hard time keeping up with the required power need.

How to Set Up the External Pond Pump?

If an external pond pump isn’t self-priming, then it should be installed below the water level.

This initial phase is important because it will allow you to ensure that there is always a supply of water.

This is to say that, your external pond pump should be installed in the ground. The exception here is if a yard is or has a grade.

External Pond Pumps have additional priming pots that attach to the external pump and keep a constant supply of water available to be pumped.

This means that it can be easily installed well above the waterline.

Regardless of which pond pump you choose, it is always recommended that you protect your pump with a housing, no matter where it is installed.