Inflatable Hot Tub Maintenance & Guide to Outdoor Spas

How to take care of an inflatable hot tub? What about Hot Tub Maintenance? How often should you clean your inflatable hot tub, and what should you do when it's dirty? How long does a liner last? How do I know if my water is safe for me to be in my hot tub or not? How much does it cost to maintain a hot tub, anyway?

We'll answer all these questions and more in this blog post on how to take care of the thing that keeps us so warm during the winter months: The Inflatable Hot Tub.

How often should you clean your hot tub? 

"Well", you might ask, "Isn't cleaning the hot tub part of maintenance?" It is! So how often you clean your hot tub depends on a lot of factors – most importantly how dirty it gets.

A small amount of general dirt that falls into the hot tub from normal use doesn't require much more than a quick brush to get rid of.

If someone accidentally leaves their swimsuit in the bottom and it stays there for a couple days, there's not really any need to super-clean everything (but do give some good scrubbing to anything that has been peed on or pooped on).

Cleaning chemicals are not necessary at all times unless something drastic happens.

Know what things trigger what levels of inflatable hot tub maintenance?

They are as follows:

Clothing/Shoes :

Probably one of the most common things that get left in the inflatable hot tub is clothing. If someone skins out of their suit and leaves it in the bottom, you can just throw it on top of them when they next come in (or toss into a bag if there's more than one piece).

Other clothing items like shirts can be tossed onto an actual person sitting on deck if they seem to be fairly clean or into a small laundry bag that hangs off the edge. Shoes aren't usually so easy since they are bigger and heavier objects that tend to sink quickly, but there are ways around this – we'll address how to remove shoes from your hot tub properly later in this article!

A couple of other clothing items that can fall in your hot tub are towels, which you might not clean as thoroughly since they tend to float and are usually big. If you use a lot of them when washing off or using the towel service at the pool or sauna, be aware that they can sometimes hold a surprising amount of dirt.

If someone leaves their swimsuit in the bottom for a couple days (or longer), it is probably best to just toss it so there's no chance of any poo particles being left behind. It can take up to two weeks for an old swimsuit, depending on how often people use it, to completely break down and become environmentally friendly compost (which you don't want).

 Urine :

Urine is one of the worst offenders when it comes to hot tub maintenance. It will take weeks and sometimes months for urine to break down (only if you have a healthy ecosystem in your hot tub) and not only does it take quite some effort to clean up, but there's also a chance someone else might pee on top of the old pee layer, hiding it from view until they sit back down in their same spot and smell something that doesn't belong!

To remove urine , just pour directly into the middle region of the hot tub – preferably while running. Do this when no one is using it so that no one gets sprayed by water with an unusual amount of yellow coloration. After a few minutes, stir the water around until the urine disperses. One way to ensure that all of the urine has been dispensed is by using a small pool skimmer net and scooping out as much as you can, or just pouring more in until there's no longer any pee visible.

If your hot tub doesn't have automatic water cleaning features like jets, then you'll need to manually clean after each use with something like our  Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter Spa Cleaner , which breaks down organic waste .

If it does have jets, you'll usually find an automatic cleaner somewhere on the hot tub – if not, give the surface a good brush-down (being careful not to scratch it) with a broom or vacuum attachments on your garden hose.

Do note that urine from dogs doesn't break down as quickly as it does in humans. Dog pee usually takes a good little while to break down entirely, so vacuuming might not be enough.

Feces :

While feces is the most immediately unsightly thing left behind in the hot tub, it's also one of two things that require the most immediate action (the other being…). Thankfully, there are three different approaches you can take to dealing with fecal matter:

1) The fastest and easiest way to get rid of it is by scooping out as much as possible with something like our  Pool Skimmer Net  so you're left with a small pile of poop particles on your deck or directly into your skimmer basket.

2) If there's a lot of algae present in your hot tub, you can just pour on our  Berkey Swim Spa Plus Algae Cleaner  to kill off all the excess algae and let it filter down to the bottom. This might take awhile, depending on how thick your layer is. You might use too much when trying to clear out feces and accidentally clean up any remaining pee layers as well!

3) The most thorough way would be by using a net – whose size depends on how much accumulation of poop you have since it needs to contain everything (so keep scooping!).

It's best to use something with a long handle like this one so you don't actually come into contact with fecal matter – but if you do, you'll want to wear disposable gloves so that it doesn't get under your fingernails.

To remove poop , start pouring directly into the middle of the hot tub – preferably while running. Do this when no one is using it so that no one gets sprayed by water with an unusual amount of brown coloration. After a few minutes, stir the water until all feces has been dispersed or scooped out (depending on which method you are using).

How to test hot tub water?

Testing the water in your hot tub is one of the easiest things you can do. What you want to achieve is a balance in both pH and Total Alkalinity so it's not too acidic or basic (both of which can be harmful to bathers, damaging property, etc.), but rather somewhere between 7.4-7.6 on the pH scale with an alkalinity range of 80-120 ppm.

You'll find these values listed on all our products' MSDS sheets , as well as drop tests kits that many pool stores sell for testing the ph/alkaline levels right in the hot tub itself.

What affects how my hot tub chemistry works?

The biggest variable when it comes to caring for a spa is bather load. How many people are using your hot tub? Are you cleaning it often enough?

These two questions represent how much water and organic waste there is to detoxify, so if either of these go up, the other side will have to work harder (i.e. add more chemicals/water) in order to keep things balanced.

How do I know my hot tub is healthy?

Anytime you take a dip in your hot tub or swim spa , look for any discoloration and immediately check the water chemistry report .

If you notice anything off – whether it be discoloration or bad smells – always shut down the system as soon as possible before bacteria can grow .

Then drain, descale/demineralize, and disinfect your hot tub so it's ready to go the next time anyone wants to use it.

What can I do if my hot tub is looking dirty?

The easy answer here would be: quite a bit! Your hot tub is a lot like any other part of your pool , meaning that its water needs to be balanced according to frequency of use and bather load (as well as people's habits in how they use it).

What you want to look for before adjusting things are signs of distress including discolored water (red or green), slimy surfaces (which might indicate algae blooms ), bad smells coming from your filter/pump area, etc.

What most people don't realize that their hot tub needs such frequent care is that they use it so infrequently, getting a full cleaning only every once in awhile (or never), which means bacteria can easily start growing and become the cause of unpleasant chemical reactions (like what causes sulfur odors ).

How to add hot tub chemicals?

1) For chlorinating tablets , dissolve as per instructions. The recommended amount for shock is 8-10 tablets per 10,000 gallons, but this will vary depending on bather load and how often you clean your hot tub . You'll want to do this when there are no bathers in the water so you don't accidentally irritate their eyes or noses. Add one treatment at a time (shock; algaecide; clarifier). Wait about 20-40 minutes, then test the water chemistry. If pH is still high or Total Alkalinity too low after using chlorine tablets, you may need to use a very weak acid like our Spa Frog Mineral Wizard to get things back under control.

2) Chlorine liquid(like our All Natural Hot Tub & Pool Shock ) dissolves better in hot water – so if your hot tub hasn't been used in awhile, try adding a dose of shock while it's heating up and mixing well – this will ensure that you're not releasing toxins into the air when bathers are nearby.

One usage per 10,000 gallons is recommended for heavy bather loads, but you can always add more as needed .

Wait about 30-60 minutes, then test the water chemistry. If pH is still high or Total Alkalinity too low after using chlorine tablets, you may need to use a very weak acid like our All Natural Mineral Wizard to get things back under control.

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What Different Types of Hot Tubs Are There?

Hot Tubs Invented

Just like the ancient Roman baths , today's hot tubs are a way for people to relax and let go of stress. They originated in France in the 1600s and were used exclusively by royalty. In fact, King Louis XIV had one installed at his palace at Versailles . In the early years, these tubs were made of porcelain that was hand-painted to look like marble or stone .  They could be as large as 75 feet in diameter! Hot Tubs Modern Day

Today you can find smaller versions of these luxurious tubs anywhere from spas to your backyard . In fact, many people have put them in their own homes in the form of a portable hot tub . In addition to less maintenance, these tubs are much more affordable than their porcelain predecessors.

More on Inflatable Hot Tubs

While modern-day versions did not come into being until the 1600s in Europe, people have been soaking in naturally heated water for centuries. In fact, one of the most well-known bathing spots is Japan's Onsen hot springs which has been providing thermal baths for as long as anyone can remember!

Many cultures feature stories or myths that talk about healing properties associated with soaking in hot waters. In Rome, for instance, legend has it that a centurion was cured of his wounds after he soaked in natural thermal waters in the area. In today's world, we as humans have to work much harder than Ancient Romans and Japan natives to find sources of clean water .

Our precious lakes and rivers are often polluted with chemicals from factories or runoff from cities and towns. In the past decade alone, more than 8000 U.S. municipalities have reported contamination in their public drinking water systems! Since hot tubs work by drawing water into the bottom of the unit before heating it up with a gas heater, an easy solution is to put your hot tub outdoors where you get clean rainwater!

Inflatable Hot Tubs

In America, Inflatables are the most popular type of hot tub. Inflatables are known for their versatility as they can be removed from one place and transferred to another. Inflatable hot tubs can also be set up outdoors on a deck or in your yard.

The Inflatable hot tub is made with PVC and is inflated with an internal blower that distributes heat.  This type of hot tub is available in different sizes including 4 person which includes a surface area of 196"x196"x48".

In addition to the size Inflatable hot tubs come in, there are also a variety of styles and shapes that you can purchase such as those with seats, ones that resemble fish, ones with whirlpool features, and many more.

In most Inflatable hot tubs there are the following parts:

  • Inflation Chamber,
  • Filter Faucet,
  • Inlet Valve,
  • Outlet Valve,
  • Drain Valve and Cover straps.

In addition to these parts there is a filter cartridge which helps keep debris out of the water. In order to properly operate an Inflatable hot tub you will need chemicals like bromine or chlorine because without them your spa will not be sanitized correctly leaving it prone to germs and bacteria that could make someone sick.

Inflatable Tub Maintenance:  

Keep up with weekly maintenance of cleaning it once a week by draining all of the water from your hot tub. It can be tricky in trying to drain Inflatable hot tubs.

It is recommended that you use a garden hose to get the water out instead of just opening the drain valves because it will be much faster and effective.

In addition, Inflatable hot tubs are very easy to set up and break down. In fact, it only takes about 5-10 minutes for a single person to fully disassemble one.  

In today's modern world most people spend hours at their computer screens in front of a keyboard or mouse stressing their wrists and forearms with repetitive movements .

One way to combat these aches and pains is by investing in an Inflatable hot tub spa as they can help relax your muscles after a long day of work or school!

According To Health Magazine Inflatable hot tubs can:

  1. reduce back pain,

  2. reduce shoulder pain,

  3. help with neck pain and headaches.

In fact, Inflatable spas have been shown to be an effective treatment in relieving back pain caused by muscle tension as they promote relaxation of the muscles associated with lower back pain In addition Inflatable spas can help improve flexibility in your joints and even relieve stress.

Inflatable Hot Tubs Can Be Luxurious

In terms of appearance the best inflatable hot tubs are sleek as they often feature curves or mesh like designs that make it appear one cohesive unit instead of just a bunch of separate components sitting inside of a plastic shell .

Choosing a color is always a fun part for most people looking to purchase an Inflatable hot tub as there are many colors to choose from including blue, green, red and many more.

Inflatable spas are great for patios as they can often fit in smaller spaces and require little to no installation In addition Inflatable hot tubs are compact enough that you can easily dissemble them to move it from one place to another.  

Most Inflatable hot tubs tend to come with an air blower that pumps air into a bag within the Inflatable hot tub . Inflatable hot tub options usually come well equipped for most issues.

This is necessary because Inflatable spas cannot be filled with water without a way of preventing the material from pressing against the top of the Inflatable spa unit.

The Air Blowers in Inflatables typically use 110 volts , but some brands allow for 220 volt usage which makes inflating your Inflatable spa much faster .

In addition, Inflatables also come with an Inlet Valve and Outlet Valve which allows the Inflatable hot tub to be hooked up from the outside, allowing Inflatables to be filled from a garden hose or by using a standard faucet.

In order to ensure that your Inflatable hot tub is well maintained it is recommended that you purchase materials like

  • Bromine Chlorine ,
  • Colloidal Silver Water Clarifier,
  • Cleaning Solutions and Balancing Kits

We Recommend the Inflatable Hot Tub

In conclusion Inflatable hot tubs are great way for people to relax as they can promote relaxation of muscles in areas such as your back shoulder neck and your forearms when performing daily tasks.

In fact according to research Inflatable hot tubs are an effective treatment in relieving back pain In addition Inflatable spas can help improve flexibility in your joints and even relieve stress.

In today's modern world Inflatable hot tubs are sleek as they often feature curves or mesh like designs that make it appear one cohesive unit instead of just a bunch of separate components sitting inside of a plastic shell.

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