Airmax PondAir2 Pond Aeration Kit


The Airmax PondAir2 Pond Aeration Kit Provides some of the best pond aeration capabilities. With the ability to quietly and effectively aerate your small pond, your fish will be kept healthy and happy.

Brand: Airmax

Features of the Airmax PondAir2 Pond Aeration Kit:

  • Aerates ponds up to 1,000 gallons, 2 feet deep
  • Add valuable oxygen and circulation
  • Extremely quiet operation, producing 0.15 CFM of airflow
  • 2 round blue air stones, 2 check valves, 6' power cord
  • 2 rolls of 30 feet black vinyl tubing, air flow regulator

Publisher: Airmax, Inc.

Airmax PondAir2 Pond Aeration Kit Details:

Airmax PondAir 2 Aeration Kits will increase oxygen for your small pond and keep your fish healthy.

Why aeration, aeration helps increase the amount of dissolved oxygen available for fish in your pond, this is especially important during hot summer nights when plants do not produce enough oxygen.

PondAir 2 will also assist your pond in aeration by breaking down excessive organic waste such as fish waste and other detritus materials.

The breakdown of excessive organic material will deter plant growth such as algae, deter murky water, and promote overall water clarity/health.

Dual-output compressor that uses only 4 watts and a max air flow of 0.15 CFM. 2 rolls of 30 black vinyl airline.

2 round blue air stones. 2 check valves. Aerates up to a 1,000 gallon pond up to two feet deep.

UPC: 617407720556

EAN: 713976466625

Package Dimensions: 9.3 x 7.1 x 4.9 inches

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