EasyPro EPA4 Aerator and Deicer for Ponds Up to 1500 Gallons


Brand: EasyPro Pond Products

EasyPro EPA4 Pond De Icer And Aerator Features:

  • High-quality, energy efficient aeration system ideal for both summer time aeration and winter time deicing.

  • EasyPro EPA4 Kit includes: 5 watt continuous duty compressor, four 30-feet rolls of 3/16” vinyl tubing and four air diffusers.

  • Powered by a long lasting, super quiet air compressor with adjustable air flow dial.

  • 115 volt compressor draws only 5 watts and will operate up to 5-feet deep

  • Voltage: 115 Volts, 5 Watts, 4’ power cord, 1 year warranty.

EasyPro EPA4 Pond De Icer And Aerator Details:

For koi pond and water garden. 

The EasyPro EPA4  original designed air diffuser, diffusers are just the right amount of oxygen to help speed up the process of decomposing organic material resulting in a cleaner, healthier pond.

This high quality continuous duty aeration system is ideal for both summer time aeration and winter deicing.

The energy efficient compressor is super quiet and will run for years, just provide it a proper enclosure if used outdoors.

EasyPro, an industry leader of quality and innovation, offers the widest selection of water feature, fountains, and lake management products available.

EasyPro Pond Products is a name you can trust.

Package Dimensions: 9.2 x 8.1 x 6.4 inches

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