Hiblow Pond Aerator


The HI-Blow Linear Air Pump Pond Aeration Septic Aerator operates at low vibration with low power consumption.

This pond aerator is compatible with the Gast SPP-80 and many other air pumps

Brand: Hiblow

Color: GREEN

Features of the Hiblow Pond Aerator

  • Clean oil-less air, long life
  • Extremely quiet operation, low vibration
  • Low power consumption, low starting current
  • 4.2 cfm Max Air Flow, 80 Liters of Air Per Minute, 3.6 psi Max Continuous Operating Pressure
  • 120VAC, 60 Hz, 1.6A, 71 Watts, 36 dBA @ 1 meter, Includes Rubber 90 and Alarm Connection Fitting

Publisher: HiBlow

Hiblow Pond Aerator Details:

The Hi-Blow HP-80 Aerator is a compatible replacement for the Gast SPP-80, Thomas 5078 and 5080, and many other 80 LPM air pumps.

Hi-Blow HP-80 is commonly used on many 500 GPD systems. 

Hi-Blow Aerators, Hi-Blow Septic Air Pumps, and Hi-Blow HP Models are the highest quality septic air pumps used on aerobic septic systems today.

The Hi-Blow Diaphragms last longer than any pump on the market.

Hi-Blow Linear Septic Air Pumps all have low power consumption, quiet operation, low vibration, low pulsation, long life, and are easy to service.

About HIBLOW HP-80 Pond Aerator/ Septic Linear Air Pump

  • #1 selling septic aerator in the USA
  • Quiet, energy efficient, oil/ lubrication free, outdoor UL rated
  • Aeration for ponds up to 1/2 acre at 10' or less in depth. Helps keep water clean and clear. Promotes healthy oxygen levels for fish to thrive and grow. Circulates water - evenly distributing oxygen and water temperature. Helps prevent fish kill in the winter.
  • Premium quality and longevity - manufactured with expert craftsmanship using the finest materials
  • Can be rebuilt 2 times for the fraction of the cost of a new aerator. See HIBLOW's website - support page for a video tutorial

UPC: 711978038000

EAN: 635346408090

Package Dimensions: 12.9 x 9.5 x 9.0 inches

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