Lewisia Solar Air Pump Kit


Our Lewisia Solar Air Pump Kit Comes with Battery Backup, Air Hoses and Bubble Stones. Enjoy 3 Working Modes. Perfect Solar Pond Aerator and Oxygenator For Your Pond.

Features of the Lewisia Solar Air Pump Kit:

First you'll notice 3 Working Modes:

1. Strong Setting

2. Gentle Setting

3. Cycles On and Off

The expertly crafted Built-in Battery makes sure that this solar powered pond aerator continues to work long after the sun goes down. The battery life of this pond aerator gives your pond up to 20 hours of working life. 

Conveniently included, this pond aerator Includes 10 feet cord, 2 tubing, 2 Air Stones.

The Adjustable Angle sits comfortably at 180° as an adjustable solar panel. This will enable maximum sunlight exposure.

The Lewisia Solar Air Pump Kit is very simple to set up:


Solar powered bubble oxygenator, does not require any wiring, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Lewisia Solar Air Pump Kit Details:

Allow our star, the sun to bring your pond and fish air to enjoy and live with!

  • 3 Working Modes:
  • 1. Strong Bubble

3 Working Modes:
1. Strong Bubble (Indicator light is green)
2. Gentle Bubble (Indicator light is dark blue)
3. Cycles On and Off: 10 seconds on/10 seconds off (Indicator light is light blue)

The Lewisia Solar Air Pump Kit Optimal oxygen level and keeps fish and pond-life healthy. You'll notice a rippling effect of the air bubbles.

This helps PREVENT mosquitoes from laying eggs!

Lewisia Solar Air Pump Kit Product Specifications:

- Solar panel: 2.5W, PET laminated
- Battery: 18650 Li-ion 3.7V 1800mAH [Perfect for solar pond pumps with battery backup users]
- Pump: AC air pump, 3.5V 450MA
Sound: less than 60dB
Minimum air flow: 0.6L/min
- Product working voltage range:3.0V-4.25V
Discharge protection voltage: 3.0V
Over charge protection voltage: 4.25V
- Working time on fully charged battery: 20 hours
- Air Hose Length: 3.28ft / 1m
- Cord Length: 10ft / 3m

Lewisia Solar Air Pump Kit: Method of Operation

1.Put the solar panel in a well-lit area to ensure exposure to sunlight.
2.Connect the air stones to the main unit before they are dropped into the water.
3.Press the POWER switch button on the back of the solar panel, the air pump will work once there is electricity stored in the built-in battery. 
Press the MODE button to choose air pumping high or low positions.

Lewisia Solar Air Pump Kit Package Includes:

1 x Solar Panel with Stake
1 x Air Aerator
1 x Connecting Tubing
2 x Air Hoses
2 x Air stones
1 x User manual

Package Dimensions: 8.4 x 3.9 x 2.6 inches

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