Pond De-Icers

As the name of this pond maintenance tool implies, a proper pond deicer is a device used to prevent the accumulation of ice in your pond during the winter months. 

Do I Really Need a Pond Deicer?

In short, Yes! Have you ever experienced a pond developing a layer of ice?

The best way to manage this ice buildup is through the use of a pond deicer.

Specifically, it's used to melt a small hole in the ice which then provides an escape for toxic gases to leave and oxygen to enter the pond.

Pond deicers will prevent winter-kill from occurring altogether.

What size pond deicer do I need?

What size pond deicer you need will solely and largely depend on how many gallons the pond in question holds. 

Additionally, there is a factor of using a pond aerator or not to consider.  

General Rule is:

Up to 250 gallons: 100 to 250 watt de-icer.

250 to 500 gallons: 300 watt de-icer

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