Pond Filter Media

Biological pond filter media allows for natural bacteria to dissolve the waste pond fish produce.

Here's how Pond Filter Media works:

Pond filter media breaks down ammonia in fish or reptilian waste. Then, it converts the waste products into nitrites.

What are Nitrites?

These compounds (not like nitrates by the way), are extremely beneficial to the health of any pond and mimic nature by the way of keeping them clean.

Using pond filter media system, it’s recommended to use a media that has plenty of surface area.

Using Mechanical Pond Filter Media?

Mechanical Pond Filter Media is vastly different from the biological sisters. 

Your mechanical pond filter media works by catching debris and wastes that cycle through the pond filter system.

What is pond filter media? 

In basic terms, A pond filter is composed of different filter material. Its quality determines whether filtering occurs correctly and consequently how clear your pond will become.