Pond Skimmers

Pond Skimmers sole purpose is keeping a pond in optimal shape.

Is that leaf floating out in the middle of your nice backyard pond irritating you? Did you almost fall into the pond while reaching for it?

Don’t worry. All pond owners have been there. That’s why it's highly recommend that every pond owner take a look at adding a Pond Skimmer.

Pond Skimmers: Why You Need One

Pond skimmers work synonymously with filters. This means they work to keep every pond clean for the fish that live there.

The health of a pond is absolutely dependent on it's acid/base balance and the biological environment that lives there.

A pond skimmer will collect floating debris such as twigs, leaves, bugs and pretty much anything else on the reachable surface.

These skimmers will help you prevent debris from clogging up your filters and pumps.

Most pond skimmers are large enough so one can fit the Submersible Pond Pumps along with plumbing inside. This will keep utilities mentioned out of view.

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