Pond Waterfalls

What is the Purpose of Pond Waterfalls?

Well for starters, easily change any backyard or landscape space into a lush oasis. 

Choosing the Right Pond Waterfall

Picking the right pond waterfall will come from a variety of options. These include Vase Fountain combinations, Spitter Fountains, and other Garden Water Features.

Pond Waterfalls and their associated decor are stunning when placed on any deck or patio surface.

Walking into any yard with a backyard pond, one will immediately notice the waterfall feature.

Not only with the sounds that the water gently produces but the overall serene environment is hard to ignore. 

What Pond Waterfalls Do For You

Pond Waterfalls will envelope any visitor in a total senses exploding experience.

Pond Waterfalls are an ideal solution for tiny or even larger properties that don't have space or need for a pool.

Water is naturally therapeutic for everyone and can bring nature closer to those who are confined at home, like the elderly.

In planning a pond with a waterfall or water feature, consider:

A pond waterfall can become the focal point of a yard or outdoor room, regardless of size.

Waterfall Location:

When locating the perfect or ideal spot, focus on access and convenience. What most beginners don't consider is what kind of soil or rock are located underneath the planned waterfall build.

Pond Waterfall Materials:

Important materials to consider when building your backyard pond are: Pond Liner materials, Rock Formations, Plant Life, and Natural Occurring Structures.

Total Pond and Waterfall Size:

Your pond and waterfall feature will be unique. If you're looking for inspiration, take a walk around a neighbors water garden or visit local ponds that are well kept in town.

Waterfall Feature Style:

It would be odd to have a waterfall design that is different from the style of your home. See if you can match the waterfall or pond and water garden atmosphere to that of your home. 

Pond Pump system:

Pond Pumps are crucial. They recirculate the water for each season. Do not build a waterfall with a pump that is not strong enough.

Backyard Pond Landscaping:

Pond Landscaping is where you get to take a large creative spin on the whole project. Consider using tropical water lilies, papyrus, or even ferns.

Pond Hardscape and ornaments:

Most pond and waterfall builders blend everything into the landscape. Consider using other modalities to decorate or accentuate other than waterfalls such as bridges or statuary.

Pond Waterfall Lights and/or LED Lighting:

Waterproof LED fixtures or Spotlights will completely emphasize the waterfall

Pond Fish and other pond animals:

Inexperienced pond owners and designers don't realize that building an arbor or archway over a pond so that birds can't see what's in the pond when they fly overhead is a very good move.

Pond Water Feature, Safety and Local Codes:

Be weary of children and what your local town requirements are. Most cities, if not all of them, require the fencing in of a property with a body of water. 

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