Submersible Pond Pumps

Submersible Pond Pumps are the sister mechanism to the external pond pump. Both types of pond mechanisms act to pressurize and help filter the pond water.

How do Submersible Pond Pumps Work?

Submersible pond pumps have a mechanism of action through an electric motor that drives the impeller.

What is an Impeller?

An impeller is basically a low-profile rotating hub that interacts with water currents.

With our submersible pond pumps, in theory, these currents move the pond water through.

As the impeller turns, water is drawn in one side of the pump, and is expelled out the other.

The amount of water flow is determined by the power and size of the impeller.

What Are the Pros of Submersible Pond Pumps?

The submersible pond pumps are extremely convenient for the pond owner. That being said, even if they may not offer as much power as an External Pond Pump, the submersible pond pumps don’t require much setup in advance.

All the pond owner has to do is place the pond pump in the pond skimmer filter or directly inside your backyard pond to begin pumping water.

Submersible pond pumps run quietly as they are kept under water. If you're a pond owner of a smaller sized pond, then it’s recommended that you use a submersible pond pump.

Submersible Magnetic Drive Pond Pumps?

Magnetic Drive pumps, are continually increasing in popularity as the go-to pond pump to have for the average backyard pond.

The Magnetic Drive Pond Pumps are known to use the power of magnetic fields to keep all the internal parts spinning correctly.

Due to fewer parts touching, these pond pumps are expected to actually last longer and be up 3 times more energy-efficient than direct drive pumps.

Of important note: the Magnetic Drive Pumps do not deliver as much head pressure as other options, so we don’t recommend using them as a submersible fountain pump.

We thought it would be best to mention these pond pumps here as frequent questions are asked about them and if they should be used in a submersible fashion.

Direct Drive Submersible Pond Pumps

Direct drive submersible pond pumps, are the workhorses of the pond pumps industry.

They are known and reported to produce far more power than magnetic drive pumps.

They also deliver enough head pressure for use as waterfall and submersible fountain pumps.

It should be noted however, they do consume more power to operate.

These are the preferred choice for professionals seeking submersible pond pumps in larger applications.

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