Best Pond Collection

All pond owners want the best pond accessories, external or internal pumps, kits, waterfalls, de-icers, aerators, solar products, and anything else that our dear ponds need.

Best Pond Collection List

These pond products are worth the buy and are highly recommended by us here at Garden Pond Supply.

Best Pond Filter

The best pond filter for your backyard pond is one that filters out debris but is flexible enough to allow fish an environment where they can thrive. A pond filter functions very much like the one in your house, it cleanses the water passing through it. It also provides perfect conditions for fish by allowing them to live in a natural setting. Filtering out debris is only part of the correct function of the best pond filter.

What should the Pond Filter do?

Pond filters are very important because they allow fish to live in a natural environment. They also provide an environment where plants can grow and wildlife can thrive. A quality filter will also remove algae, which is another bonus for having one of the best pond filters on your backyard water pond.

Recommended Best Pond Filter:

Types of Pond Filter Systems There are several different types of pond filters to choose from, some very cheap and some more expensive. The one you choose must be suitable for the size of your pond. It must also be powerful enough to handle the debris load in your particular water source as well as any algae blooms that may occur during certain seasons. Here's what we recommend:

The Aquascape Pond Filter

The Aquascape Pond Filter features a rotating handle that lets you easily switch from biological filtration to a mechanical filter. The flow rate of 255 gallons per hour is perfect for any average sized backyard pond.

Optimized filtration: provides mechanical filtration, biological filtration, and aeration; includes filter mat and biological filter Media net.

Flow rate: 255 GPH

Our Rating: A nice and quiet filter system. No more cleaning out the biological mats and it allows you to enjoy your water features. Highly recommended!

Get the Aquascape Pond Filter Here

Best Koi Pond Filter

The ideal pond koi pond filter for your backyard pond is one that cleanses the water but is flexible enough to allow fish a place to live. A koi pond filter, like the one in your house, purifies the water that goes through it. The water is trapped in a filter chamber and usually contains some type of media such as activated charcoal or foam to trap the impurities. Once this treatment is complete, the clean water moves on to fill your pond for koi. The best koi pond filters are built so that the water can be released back into your backyard pond while still being filtered.

Things you should avoid when choosing a filter include not buying anything that is too large, if you have an old pump it may over work itself trying to cleanse the water. If you have many koi this may lead to death either from ingestion of the filter or excess stress, so it is best to choose one that does not need to be worked too hard. You should also avoid buying a really small pump because you will have issues with the water being removed quickly enough, leading to an overflow and decreased circulation in the water.

Lastly, if you are considering homemade filters please keep in mind that these can be dangerous for your koi. During installation I would not recommend any openings of pipe or filter casing, this could allow chemicals to enter the pond and poison your fish.

What should Koi Pond Filters do?

·          The pump to your pond filter must have the ability to be submerged in water. If you are using a submersible pump, test it by submerging it. Some pumps can handle being under water but will burn out if the motor is submerged. If you have an above ground pump, make sure that any electrical cords are plugged into a GFI plug.

·          The second feature of the best koi pond filter is that it must contain some type of gravel or pebbles to aid in the process of filtration. In nature, kois excrete waste and this material is high in ammonia and nitrate. These substances are harmful for koi and can endanger their lives. You must have some type of filter that will help the water to pass through the gravel or pebbles where these harmful chemicals will drop out of solution.

·          The last feature that you want from your koi pond filter is a place for fish to stand, rest, and even breed. This can come in the form of a small waterfall or fountain where the water will flow back into your pond. Some pumps contain small attachments that allow for this feature to work even better.

Recommendation: Polar Aurora CPF-250 Pond Pressure Bio Filter

The Polar Aurora Pond Pressure Bio Filter is the best Koi Pond filter for many reasons. First, this filter comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate ponds that are up to 2500 gallons. This pond has a three part filtration system that offers the best water purification for your koi. The pressure chamber removes larger particles from the water making it easier for the second and third chambers to purify the water even more.

The second part of this filter is a bio chamber. Bio chambers are filled with gravel or pebbles and provide an ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to live and grow. These bacteria will help to break down harmful ammonia and nitrate that koi excrete into the water. You can also buy additional media such as activated charcoal or ceramic rings for this chamber to further purify the water.

The third part of this filter is a pump chamber where your submersible or above ground pump will be placed. The pump contains a venturi system that allows for maximum circulation to help with oxygenation which also helps with purification.

Get the Polar Aurora CRF-250 Pond Pressure Bio Filter Here

Best Pond Liner

The best pond liner is durable and protects your pond's internal environment. This article will give you a few tips on choosing a quality pond liner.

1) Durability

The best pond liners are made from a thick polyethylene polymer that is sturdy enough to protect your plants and fish from harmful elements in nature. Pond liners made of PVC, vinyl, rubber or other types of plastics do not provide the best protection for your fish and plant life.

2) Thickness

Pond liners come in many thicknesses, but the best pond liners are thicker than their counterparts. Thicker liners better protect your plants and fish from harmful elements such as sharp rocks that may be buried under soil or water.

3) Reputation

Check online to see what other people in the pond and water garden community are saying about a particular liner. A great liner will have a long history of satisfied pond owners.

4) Measurements

Make sure that your pond dimensions are compatible with the size and shape of the liner you want to use. You may be able to find a smaller or larger version of a particular model depending on what sizes are available from the manufacturer.

What should Pond Liners do?

What do pond liners do? They keep water contained within your pond and protect a variety of aquatic life. Without a pond liner, it would be difficult for your koi and other fish to remain safe - they could get caught outside the perimeter of your pond or their can be harmful elements that would seek them out.

Pond liners also prevent the growth of excess algae. If algae is allowed to grow outside the confines of your pond liner, it can clog vents in your filter system. This can lead to water loss and other types of problems that are harmful to the health of your fish.


The Aquascape EPDM Rubber Pond Liner is by far the best pond liner because it is durable and thick. This helps to protect your koi and other fish from sharp objects in the ground and helps to prevent excess algae growth outside of your pond liner.

This rubber pond liner is made of 100% pure EPDM, which means that it will last for a very long time. There is no need to worry about harmful chemicals or materials being present in this pond liner because it is 100% pure.

The measurements of the Aquascape EPDM Rubber Pond Liner are comparable to most other ponds on the market, so you will have no trouble getting this to fit within your current fish habitat.

Get the Aquascape EPDM Rubber Pond Liner Here

Best Pond Vacuum

The best pond vacuum tackles the dirtiest of pond waters. Pond vacuums are great tools for keeping the water in your koi pond clean and clear.

Choosing which one to buy is an important decision, so let us help you make that choice by reviewing some of the top rated models on the market.

Watts vs Horsepower

How do you know if a pond vacuum has power? You look for horsepower.

Vacuums that feature a high number of horsepower are the best because they offer the power to get rid of more debris and dirt in less time. The most powerful ones can even vacuum up rocks and pebbles, which is not something all pond vacuums can do.

That said, don't get too caught up in horsepower numbers. If a vacuum has less than 1 HP, it may still be a good choice if it has the features you need and fits your budget.

In general, small ponds of 1000 gallons or less can use any of these vacuums with confidence. We recommend going for something more powerful on larger bodies of water.

Features to Look For

We recommend models that offer:

    - Removable debris canister: This lets you dump out the water and replace it with clean water later on. Though all models come with a basket or container for storing debris, some are quite small. It's not easy to transport dirty water around your property, so it's worth paying extra for a larger canister.

    - Onboard tools: These are essential on larger ponds. Some inexpensive vacuums don't have them, which means you need to carry the vacuum down into the pond while trying not to lose your grip on the tubing or get dragged into the water yourself!

        - Longer tubing: The longer your vacuum's hose, the more you can do with it. That means no hauling it out of the pond to unblock a clog or replace a worn tube.

    - Sealed bearings: If water gets into the bearing system, your vacuum will seize up and be unusable. If the bearings are not sealed, this can happen.

What should Pond Vacuums do?

Pond Vacuums should :

    - Last a long time: We recommend choosing a model with stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant parts. The best pond vacuum should work well for years to come, no matter how much it is used.

    - Be powerful: At least one horsepower is recommended for keeping your koi pond clean and clear of debris and build up.

    - Be easy to use: Look for a model that comes with on board tools, is lightweight and has an adjustable head allowing you to reach those hard-to-reach areas around the edges of your pond. Some models come with extra accessories such as scrubbers or brushes which can make cleaning all types of ponds easier.


The Oase Pondovac 4 is the best pond vacuum cleaner. It features a powerful 2 HP engine, but is still lightweight enough to be carried by anyone. Three different cleaning nozzle sizes are included so you can clean spots of all shapes and sizes with ease.

The on-board tools make the Pondovac 4 easy to use even in tight spaces, while the long 40 foot tube allows you to reach any point in your pond.

The cord and handle are both specially designed for comfort and secure, drip-free handling even in wet conditions. And the Pondovac 4 is packed with practical features such as no-mar wheels and sealed bearings that make it completely waterproof. To top it off, Oase offer a 3 year warranty on the Pondovac 4

Get the Oase Pondovac 4 Pond Vacuum Here

Best Pond Plants

The best pond plants have many functions that include bioactivity in the water and pond ecosystem as well and can be very aesthetic. They typically will provide shade and cover for fish as well as oxygenating the water. Many plants that grow in tropical conditions can be used successfully in a pond or aquarium since they are accustomed to warm temperatures and humid environments; there is no need to worry about these types of plants being "too robust" for an aquarium or pond environment.

What should Pond Plants do?

Pond plants function as natural bio-filters in the pond ecosystem. They remove ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates from water which are toxic to fish. The roots of the plants also provide shelter for beneficial microorganisms that naturally reduce these toxins in the water.

What Kinds of Pond Plants?

The best pond plants will grow underwater (called submersed) and also above the water (called emersed). Common aquatic plants that you can find at most garden or aquarium stores include:

Anacharis, Azolla , Bacopa, Cabomba, Canna Lily, Egeria Densa( Elodea), Hornwort (Ceratophyllum Demersum), Lagarosiphon, Pistia (Water Lettuce), Salvinia (Salvinia Molesta or Mosquito Fern) Water Hyacinth (Eichornia Crassipes).

Some plants can be submerged or emersed depending on the time of year. These plants must be able to survive both underwater and above water during different months of the year. The best example is Anacharis (also known as Elodea).

In the fall, winter and spring it should be allowed to grow above water so that it can photosynthesize and produce energy for itself. Then during summer when the water gets warmer it will become submerged and stay underwater until fall when it will go back to the surface.

Recommendation: Water Hyacinths Floating Water Garden Plants

The Water Hyacinths are the best pond plants because they spread quickly and will cover large areas of the water very quickly. They also provide shade and oxygen for fish and other plants that grow in the area.

Get The Water Hyacinths Here

Best Pond Aerators

The best pond aerators combine function and efficiency. Pond aerators are not one of those things that you can skimp on. You want a good quality aerator that will do the job, right?

In our opinion, this is what makes an excellent aerator:

· Function – Does it run quietly and provide ample amounts of oxygen to the water? If the pump runs loud or seems under-powered for the job, it's probably not worth your time. Aeration performance is what matters here.

· Energy Efficiency – The lower the power draw of the aerator, the better. Energy efficiency not only saves you money on your electric bill, but also extends the life of your pump and reduces noise pollution.

· Ease of Use – Is it easy to install or clean? Smaller systems should be user-friendly and require no installation other than to hang it from a pond edge. Larger units designed for ponds with larger fish loads can often be run off of an existing filtration system, further reducing installation costs.

· Durability – How long will it last? What is the warranty? Will it last for several seasons without issue, or will you be replacing it next year?

What should Pond Aerators do?

Pond aerators should oxygenate the water in a pond.

Many people don't realize that the water doesn't just hang around in ponds, it is constantly moving with the help of gravity and wind. If you have a lot of fish in your pond, this water movement helps distribute nutrients from waste throughout your entire pond so they can be used by plants.


The Half Off Ponds Patriot Pond Aerator is the best pond aerator by far. This is because it oxygenates the water well, easy to use, and has a great customer service life. The Patriot Pond Aerator is quiet, affordable, and it even doubles as a fountain!

We recommend getting multiple aerators if you have a large pond, as this adds to the efficiency and reduces how often the pump needs to be run. The Patriot Pond Aerator is made right here in America and comes with a 2-year warranty.

The Half Off Ponds Patriot Pond Aerator:

· Has 4 helpful attachments (air stone, fountain, jet and water dropper)

· Has a 1500 GPH (gallons per hour) pump and runs quietly and efficiently

· Is affordable to buy or even make yourself with our excellent plans. If you plan well, you could save over $150!

· Is Made in the USA!

Get the Half Off Ponds Patriot Pond Aerator Here

Best Pond Algae Remover

The best pond algae removers help remove algae of course but permanently. Algae removers might help you get rid of algae and reduce the problem, but they don't really stop it. And if you use a commercial product, it can be very expensive over time.

The best way to get ride of algae permanently is to use natural pond plants. And since that's not always feasible for everyone, the next best thing would be an algae remover made from natural ingredients such as Lemi Shine.

If you go the non-chemical route, there's no possible way to cause harm to your pond and its aquatic life – even if you use it incorrectly. The bottom line is that chemical solutions just aren't necessary and never work as effectively.

What should Pond Algae Removers do?

Pond algae removers should do the following:

•          Remove existing algae from your pond.

•          Stop new algae from forming on the sides of the pond.

There are a few chemicals that might help with this, but you can do it naturally with aquatic plants and by ridding yourself of these four common mistakes in caring for your fish pond.

Pond Algae Removers that work

A lot of people are under the assumption that algae needs sunlight to grow. While this is true, it's only part of the problem. The other reason is that ponds can become nutrient-heavy due to overfeeding or because decomposing plants aren't being recycled by beneficial bacteria colonies. Some experts believe that if you can eliminate this excess nutrient source, you'll go a long way toward stopping the algae at its source.

Recommendation: API Pond ECOFIX Sludge Destroyer Bacterial Cleaner

The API Pond Sludge Destroyer is the best pond algae remover as it has many features. It helps to eliminate toxic sludge and uneaten fish food that accumulates on the pond floor. It is best used in conjunction with API Pond Clear Water Formula, which reduces the occurrence of algae by removing excessive nutrients from the water.

The Sludge Destroyer also contains strains of Bacillus subtilis, an effective bacteria for cleaning cloudy ponds. It works very quickly, and is safe for all types of fish. The product description says it can be used in conjunction with Pond Clear, but should not be used instead of the other product.

Get The API Pond Sludge Destroyer Here

Best Pond Pump

The best pond pump for most backyard ponds should have multi functionality such as being able to aerate the pond by being able to also be used as a fountain. The pump should have an adjustable flow rate, be energy efficient and quiet. A best pond pump should ensure good distribution of clean water throughout the pond without trapping dirt at the bottom or creating pockets of stagnant water.

Pond pumps are usually submersible which means they can be placed either in the middle of the water or hidden in a submerged fountain. The best pond pumps should be strong enough to aerate your pond and circulate the water around it at all times during the day.

Pond owners often end up buying too small a pump only to realize that they cannot provide enough filtration for their pond. If your pump is too small you'll end up with a pond that's green and smelly because the water never clears up or gets circulated around. In fact one of the best ways to kill aquatic plants in a pond is by using an undersized pump as it fails to deliver enough oxygen for good plant growth, so this aspect should be given a thorough consideration before buying.

Pond pumps are available in different shapes, sizes and power ratings. It's not advisable to go below the recommended size as your pump may end up going off all too frequently especially if you have aquatic plants that require a good flow of water round them for their nutrients.

What should Pond Pumps do?

Pond Pumps should perform the following functions:

Provide water oxygenation and distribution, with minimal disruption to the rest of the pond; Eliminate debris from entering sump; Allow for easy maintenance; Ensure that filters function optimally.

What kind of Pump is best:

Choosing a Pond pump may require you to decide what you need in terms of speed and power in order to meet the requirements of your pond.

In very simple terms, there are two pumps to choose from: submersible and external.

The first thing you need to consider is whether or not your location will allow a submersible pump. They can't be used in ponds that have an open top as they require being put inside the water.

1. Submersible Pond Pump

A submersible pump is a small and compact water pump that is usually placed inside the pond to help circulate the water around the rest of it.

Note: Because these pumps can be easily affected by debris and plant growth, they should only be used in small ponds (less than 3000 gallons).

A submersible pump is only able to provide good circulation and filtration to small ponds. Because they can't be properly sealed, they fail to do their job of oxygenating the water if used in big ponds (over 3000 gallons) or without a proper filter system nearby.

2. External Pond Pump:

An external pump is a more reliable option for larger ponds. It can be placed on the surface or near water level and since they are not in contact with the water, they are less likely to get blocked by dirt or become clogged up by aquatic plants despite being fully submerged.

As well as providing better circulation, an external pump will allow you to add a filter for additional filtration.

Recommendation: Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit

The Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit is the best pond pump because it comes with everything you need to setup an efficient filtration system for your pond.

The Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit is equipped with both a high flow rate pump and an inbuilt filter that will allow you to pump 25000L/hr (6000GPH) of water from the pond, ensuring proper aeration and removing impurities.

The Solariver solar water pump kit also comes with a 3 stage filter that can be easily cleaned in order to ensure oil and dirt is properly eliminated. This in turn maintains the health of your pond, resulting in increased spawn rates in ponds for fish breeders.

Get The Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit Here

Best Pond Fountain

The best pond fountain not only looks great but it helps move water through your ponds environment. The best fountains will have a much larger surface area of bubble creating nozzles. They also have a larger water reservoir and thicker tubing which allows the pumps to run for much longer periods of time without going dry.

Flat panel fountains, although visually pleasing, do not look very good when they are actually running because you can barely see the bubbles at all. They are better left as decorations rather than a functional part of your pond.

There is no perfect style of water fountain for everyone's preference, however there is one that will look the best with your outdoor decor and really enhance the beauty of your landscape.

What should Pond Fountains do?

Pond fountains should be able to aerate and circulate water throughout your pond.

Aerating: Aerating ponds is the process of releasing oxygen into the water column. This process helps eliminate fish loss due to low dissolved oxygen levels that can occur in poorly managed or overpopulated aquaculture ponds.

What should pond fountains not do?

Pond fountains should not be loud noises. Pond fountains also, should not have damaging high voltage electrical cords.

If you are planning on adding a small water fountain to your pond it is important to be sure that the pump has an adequate surface area for bubble production and general aeration of the water column. The best pumps typically have at least twice as many nozzles as the "low end" ones. This is because most ponds do not have high water volumes, so you want to be sure that each nozzle has an adequate amount of room for producing bubbles.

The best pond fountains will also have a substantially larger water reservoir.

Recommendation: ZLBYB Fountain Water Pumping Rose Solar Power

The ZLBYB Fountain Water Pumping system is excellent because it is solar powered. It also features an adjustable spray head that will give you greater control over where the water goes.

Get The ZLBYB Fountain Water Pumping System Here

Best Best Pond Plants for Algae Control

The best pond plants for algae control should be fast growing, low maintenance and most importantly contribute to crystal clear inviting water. Some of the most effective best pond plants for algae control are listed below.

In order to assess the best pond plants for algae control you need to consider a couple of questions before deciding on a plant:

How fast is the plant growing?  

A fast growing plant means it is constantly sucking up nutrients through its mass of roots.  Nutrients are algae food so fast growing plants can reduce nutrients in the water by half overnight.

Do I want floating or sunken plants?  

Floating plants are great at blocking sunlight from penetrating into the waters surface preventing algal growth underneath, but you still need bottom plants as well. Sunken plants don't block sunlight from the surface but provide a great habitat for beneficial pond bacteria and can be placed along the bottom of the pond to remove algae below the surface.

Will this plant grow too tall and obscure the view? Many water lilies fall under this category so if you have a pool, lake or other feature that you want to be able to see over, think twice before planting an elephant ear or water lily.

What type of environment does this plant tolerate?

Some plants love boggy conditions where other types do better in lightly shaded areas. Find the right pond plants for your growing condition according to what will grow well and survive. If you want to add a lot of plants to an existing pond, you need to think about the environment the plant is adapted for. For example Otocinclus (Oto) catfish like their water between 66-70 degrees and lots of shady areas.  This means in cold climates they will die in summer and in hot climates they will have trouble surviving in the winter.  

What should Algae Control Plants do?

Algae control plants should absorb excess nutrients (phosphates and nitrates) that are polluting your pond.  They can do this by sucking up nutrients themselves, or providing excellent habitat for a symbiotic bacteria that will remove the nutrient from the water into their roots.

How many plants should I use?

Just like adding plants to a tank, one plant by itself will not do anything.  To get the benefits of using algae control plants, they need to be massed together or planted in large numbers.  You want to create a dense canopy that will shade the water and prevent light from penetrating down into the water where algae can thrive.

Recommendation: Pond Oxygenating Elodea Anacharis Bunch

The Pond Oxygenating Elodea Anacharis Bunch is recommended for algae control because it is fast growing and provides great habitat for beneficial pond bacteria.  It rapidly absorbs nutrients in the water and oxygenates it at the same time. This helps keep your pond clear by removing nutrient pollution (phosphates and nitrates) from the water which will help to prevent algae growth.  

The plant can grow well in very little light or shade so it will grow well in all types of ponds.  It can also withstand lower temperatures between 50-85 degrees which means it can survive the winter in most climates.

The Pond Oxygenating Elodea Anacharis Bunch is used by commercial koi fish farms to keep water clear and healthy for their fish. This product is also available in larger quantities for large ponds, but if you just have a small pond or aquarium the 1lb package should be enough to get started.

Get the The Pond Oxygenating Elodea Anacharis Bunch Here

Best Pond Muck Remover

The best pond muck remover really cleans out the pond water and surfaces. A great pond muck remover will give you nice crystal clear water. It can be used to remove muck algae and slime build up in your lilies and pond moss, etc.

As far as the best media for removing mucky materials from ponds, nothing beats poly/cotton or even high density polyethylene (HDPE) filter media.

Submersible water pumps can also be pond muck removers if you need strong flow for even larger ponds, filters and aquariums.

What should Pond Muck Remover do?

A pond muck remover should do one thing really well, remove pond muck. All of the elements that are removed from your pond are waste that needs to be dealt with either through filtration or by removing them physically. A vacuum is used to suck up all of this crap and store it in a filter bag. The best pond muck remover should do this very well.

Pond Muck Removal Methods

There are several pond muck removal methods that can be used to remove what is left in your pond after the pond muck remover has done its course. These include waterfall insertion, spray bars and stream shooters. All of these will increase or decrease flow in your pond which can have drastic effects on the environment of your pond.

How to choose a Pond Muck Remover?

When choosing a pond muck remover, the first thing you want to do is check out the 'flow' rate. This is simply how fast water flows through the hose. A low flow rate may not have enough sucking power for really dirty ponds while a high flow rate might be too much for some ponds.

The next thing you want to do is check and see what size filter bag that it comes with. For small ponds, the filter bag may be large enough that you will not need to change it very often. However, if your pond is big, you may have to get a bigger one - and this can be an added cost.

Another thing you need to check and see is what the overall construction and design of the pond muck remover is like. The best pond muck removers will have a strong frame that allows for good suction along with a large bag that can be easily detached or cleaned out, allowing you to keep your pond nice and clean.


The Airmax Muckaway Pond Muck Remover is the best pond muck remover without a doubt because it has an excellent flow rate of 40 gph, comes with a large bag that you don't need to change very often and the best part - it's one of the cheapest pond muck removers on the market!

If your goal is to make your pond water crystal clear without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars, then this is definitely the pond muck remover for you.

The Airmax Muckaway Natural Pond Muck Remover is guaranteed to do what is says or your money back!

Get The Airmax Muckaway Pond Muck Remover Here

Best Pond Lights

When picking the best pond lights it is easy to get overwhelmed because of the plethora of options. The very best pond lights however feature the following elements:

Lumens per watt is the best way to measure light output.

The best pond lights are bright, bright enough that you can see your plants grow and notice an improvement in water clarity.

Pond lights come with a lifespan of at least 50,000 hours . Pond lights typically last more than 100,000 hours, but it is still worth noting that you are looking for the best pond lights.

The best pond lights are waterproof . Pond lights can get wet all the time, they should be built to withstand this.

The best pond lights are energy efficient . While most of your electricity bill won't go to powering your pond lights, they will make up for it in the price you pay for electricity, so it is still worth looking at 2016's best energy efficient pond lights .

The best pond lights are easy to install. You want something that comes with its own installation hardware or that can easily be installed with just a few screws.

What should Pond Lights do?

Pond lights have many functions however they should at the very least light up your pond at night. Think about it, you work hard all day and spend time away from home, wouldn't it be nice to see some lighting on your pond?

Natural light is the best form of lighting that allows for photosynthesis to happen. Some of the best pond lights are called full spectrum lights because they give off both blue and yellow light, which happen to be the same colors as natural sunlight. Full spectrum lighting helps your plants grow.

Blue lights are good for evening out water clarity and giving a nighttime feel to your pond.

The best pond lights have the following functions: Providing lighting at night Allowing photosynthesis to take place Giving a nighttime feel Lighting up your pond.

Recommendation: Kasco Decorative Aerating Lake & Pond Fountain with LED Lights

The Kasco Decorative Aerating Pond Fountain with LED Lights is highly recommended because it offers all of the functions that make pond lights great.

It has a water pump which aerates your pond, improving its ecosystem and oftentimes increasing gas exchange. Having an aerating pond fountain in conjunction with LED lighting can help oxygenate your water at night.

The Kasco Decorative Aerating Pond Fountain with LED Lights have blue lights, which create a nighttime feel and help decrease water clarity.

The Kasco Decorative Aerating Pond Fountain with LED Lights have both a daytime and nighttime setting, so you can switch between the two by twisting a simple dial. It also comes with an adjustable height control that allows you to customize its settings for your specific pond. The fountain is made of aluminum which is more weather resistant than other metals.

Get The Kasco Decorative Aerating Pond Fountain with LED Lights Here

Best Pond Dye

The best pond dye is one that is biodegradable, safe for the environment, and safe for your fish. In addition to those parameters, a good pond dye should also be safe for plants. You can read more about different types of dyes here . Features of pond dye include :

- Eco-friendly and safe for fish, plants and pets

- Non Toxic - Biodegradable - No synthetic chemicals such as chlorine or chlorine derivatives, borax, oils, petroleum products, enzymes or phosphates used in manufacturing.

- Neutral pH (7) to ensure no "PH shock" to the pond's ecosystem.

- Does not alter the pH of the pond, does not affect beneficial bacteria in a negative way.

- Safe for fish, plants and pets - No "chemicals" or harsh products needed to activate the dye.

- Will not alter or change pond water in any detrimental way. It will simply add color to your pond.

What should Pond Dye Do?

Pond dye should not have any harmful effects on your pond, its inhabitants or the environment. It should simply add color to your water feature, while being safe for plants and aquatic life .

Best Pond Dye

- Easy application ~ just put in a drop or two of Pond Dye into an area where some water is flowing or splashing - i.e., a water fountain, waterfall, pond aerator or a fountaining device. This will produce the most vibrant color effects.

- If you have a large pond that you want to treat, then just put in 1/4 teaspoon into an area where some water is flowing or splashing - anywhere from 3' to 5' out from the center of the pond. This will produce vivid color effects throughout your entire water feature.

- You can also put in 1/4 teaspoon into an area where no water is flowing or splashing - i.e., unplanted areas, bare soil, etc...- to give it that colorful glow that you are looking for without having any color affect in your pond.

- If you have a water feature with a high flow rate, then just add 1/4 teaspoon into an area where some water is flowing or splashing - anywhere from 3' to 5' out from the center of the pond. This will produce vivid color effects throughout your entire water feature.

Recommendation: Airmax Nature's Blue Water Soluble Pond Dye

The Airmax Nature's Blue Water Soluble Pond Dye is highly recommended because it features a non toxic, all natural dye which is safe for kids, pets and aquatic life. All you have to do is put a drop or two into your water feature where some water is splashing or flowing - anywhere from 3' to 5' out from the center of the pond. The Nature's Blue Water Soluble Pond Dye will produce vibrant color effects throughout your entire water feature.

This is the best pond dye for people who are looking for a simple, effective way to add color to their water garden. Airmax Nature's Blue Water Soluble Pond Dye is also eco-friendly and safe for fish, plants and pets . It will not alter or change the pH of the pond, will not affect beneficial bacteria and will not alter or change the water chemistry in any detrimental way.

The Airmax Nature's Blue Water Soluble Pond Dye is an easy-to-use, non toxic pond dye which lasts up to 4 weeks. It can be used with a low flow rate of 1 - 5 gallons per hour and is safe for aquatic life and plants.

Get The Airmax Nature's Blue Water Soluble Pond Dye Here

Best Pond Boat

The best pond boat has many functions and features and allows you to enjoy casual water sports on your pond. The best pond boat will have the following attributes:

It needs to be easy to store and transport. You need to be able to lift it onto the roof of your car or fit it in the backseat so you can safely take it down your driveway and across your yard to the pond.

It will also need enough stability so that even unoccupied, it won't tip over if you accidentally run your oarlock into the side of it.

It needs to be large enough for an adult to sit comfortably without feeling like they're sitting down in a canoe or kayak. The best pond boat should be stable, but not too tippy; roomy but not too wide; comfortable, yet lightweight for transporting.

If possible, the best pond boat will have a small storage compartment so you can take your cell phone or a fishing rod along for the ride.

But more than anything else, the best pond boat will be able to float and glide across your water with ease. It's more about feel than numbers when it comes to choosing the best pond boat.

What should a Pond Boat Do?

A pond boat should at the very minimum do the following: Float and glide across the water with ease. Be stable enough to sit in even when your oars are still. Be safe - you want a boat that will not tip over or swamp even if it runs into something unexpectedly.

It should also be easy to transport, store and clean.

Finally, the best pond boat should float enough weight comfortably. In other words, the best pond boat is one that can hold up to a decent amount of weight and still float.

What makes the Best Pond Boat?

A great deal comes down to personal preference when it comes to choosing the best pond boat. But beyond that, you want a boat with a large cockpit so there's plenty of room for you to get in and out.

It needs at least one, preferably two oarlock sockets so you can fish or row around your pond. One for each side of the boat is an absolute minimum. You may even want more sockets so you can take your kids along with their own oars.

The best pond boat will have a ton of deck rigging so you can attach your fishing rods or even just gear. It will have cup holders and rod holders to accommodate fishing or just enjoying the scenery on a nice day.

The best pond boat will be made of durable plastic that won't crack, split or warp if it gets left in the sun too long. Even better, the best pond boat will have a roof to protect it in storage and a drain plug in the bottom so you can easily bail out any excess water.

The best pond boat needs to be stable enough that you can easily get into and out of it without worry that it'll tip over or swamp on you. It has to feel safe even when unoccupied.

Recommendation: PELICAN INTRUDER 12

The Pelican Intruder 12 is highly recommended as the best pond boat because it checks all the boxes. You get plenty of storage for trips where you'll be out on the water for an extended period of time. It's easily transportable and fits in the majority of truck beds.

It has two oarlock sockets so you can take along your fishing rods or even just some cool beverages for a day at the water. It has a ton of deck rigging so you can customize this boat to fit your needs.

The best part? It's made from durable plastic that won't warp if left in the sun too long, yet it still floats very well. In other words, it's ideal for both fishing and casual water sports.

Pelican Intruder 12: General Specifications

12-foot length, 32 inches wide and 83 pounds

Large open cockpit and 2 oarlock sockets (one on each side) for rowing or fishing

Plastic construction that won't warp but still floats well; roof to protect the boat when not in use; cup holders and rod holders; storage compartment underneath deck for cell phones, fishing rods and tackle; drain plug on the bottom of the boat

Comes with Pelican's Lifetime Warranty

Get The Pelican Intruder 12 Here

Best Pond Skimmer

The best pond skimmer is not only the most efficient way to keep your water clean, but it can also save you time and money by taking away a lot of the work that needs to be done around your pond. Ponds are quite attractive for those who love ponds, but they need cleaning just like any other body of water does.

There are many different kinds of pond skimmers available on the market today, but only some are actually good at catching all of the debris that you need to get rid of. They come in different types and sizes, but they are all meant to serve one purpose - cleaning your pond water.

Every pond owner has their own needs for a pond skimmer so there is not just one good pond skimmer for everyone. This is why we have done extensive research and testing to find the best pond skimmers available on the market today.

What should a Pond Skimmer Do?

A pond skimmer should help you remove leaves and all other types of debris from your pond. 

It should also be powerful enough to collect debris that may have sunken on the bottom of your pond over a period time. A good skimmer will take out several inches of whatever is collected in one pass, instead of just skimming the top layer where all the large items are floating.

Choosing the Best Pond Skimmer

There is no perfect pond skimmer that will work for every single pond owner. Every pond has different needs. There are many aspects that you should focus on when trying to find the best possible one for your own use.


Power is very important because it determines how much debris your skimmer can actually remove from your pond. A high power pump will collect more, faster.

If you have a lot of debris in your water and the power is not enough, you'll need to waste too much time rinsing out the filter pads once they become clogged or risk getting water back into the pond through all of those small holes.

Flow Rate

The flow rate of a pond skimmer is the amount of water that is being filtered through each minute. Flow rate will vary depending on how big your pump is, but it's also based on the height of the hose that you are using to draw out debris from your pond.


The Oase Swimskim Floating Pond Skimmer is the best pond skimmer because it features a modern design that incorporates the skimmer in the pump, which allows you to easily keep debris out of sight. The Oase Swimskim Floating Pond Skimmer is extremely easy to clean because it is designed so only water passes through the system. There are no filter pads or any other material that can get blocked up and clogged.

It comes with a powerful pump that is capable of collecting leaves, twigs and even small fish without reducing the flow rate by much at all. The Oase Swimskim Floating Pond Skimmer is the best choice for any pond owner who has both fish and plants because it allows you to keep your water clean while not scaring away any wildlife living in it.

Get The Oase Swimskim Floating Pond Skimmer Here

Best Pond Heater

The best pond heater will keep your fish alive and happy even during the harshest winter weather. They come in a variety of designs from solar to space heating, propane tanks to cords that plug into any outlet.

You may think you don't need a pond heater because you live in a mild climate or your fish are immune to freezing temperatures, but we are here to tell you that even the mildest winters can have nights where temperatures fall below freezing. This is especially true if your pond is not opened until after the first frost, which means cold winter air was allowed to circulate through the pond itself.

Fish are cold blooded, which means they are at the mercy of their environment. If you care about your fish and want to keep them safe, you'll need to invest in a quality pond heater.

Do I Need a Pond Heater?

Just like with any outdoor water garden, the first thing we do when we get our hands on one is check the weather for that area. Are there frost warnings announced each night? Are there days that dip into the low teens? If so, you should have a working pond heater installed in your water garden.

Pond heaters are rated by their wattage. The higher the wattage, the more power it will have to keep your fish safe.

What should a Pond Heater Do?

A pond heater should do two main things: raise the temperature of the water and maintain it.

Raising your pond's temperature is a process that can be done simply by placing a sturdy aquarium heater in your pond and plugging it into any outlet. The problem with this method is that many heaters do not have thermostats and must be turned on before the air around the pond freezes, not after.

Maintaining a safe temperature is done by using an Energy Saving Heater . These heaters store energy during the day and release it at night when necessary. They use the power of the sun to stay warm even when it gets colder outside than inside your pond - which is important because unlike our fish, our pond heaters can not get their own food!

Recommendation: EasyPro+ Thermo-Pond 1500 Watt Pond Heater

The EasyPro+ Pond Heater is the best pond heater because it does both of the above things. It's 1500 watt heating coil will raise your ponds temperature an average of 15 degrees over that of normal room temperature while it sits outside in the sun. It has a built in thermostat to regulate heat output, which means you have more control over your fish's environment.

What are the Benefits?

The main benefit to using an EasyPro+ Thermo-Pond 1500 Watt Pond Heater is that it will save you money. It takes about 4 hours for this heater to raise the temperature of a 200 gallon pond by 10 degrees, which means it can be left plugged in all day without any consequence.

Another big benefit is the built in thermostat. Energy saving heaters are the only ones that will maintain your water temperature when it gets colder at night. This pond heater is by far the most efficient with its space heating design, which means you can use it in smaller ponds or small areas near existing landscape features like trees and flowers.

Get The EasyPro+ Pond Heater Here

Best Pond Sealer

The best pond sealer , is a sealer that closely approximates the natural texture and color of your existing pond surface.

Pond Sealers are usually UV stable, will not fade, dry out or crack in winter conditions, they can even be walked upon shortly after application.

Be sure to apply your sealer correctly to ensure years of protection.

It's important to use the best pond sealer when resealing your pond because you want to protect it from sun damage, dirt or anything that could get in from above or below the surface of the water.

In this article we help you locate and buy a product that will offer protection for years to come.

What should a Pond Sealer Do?

A pond sealer should close the pores in your pond, thus filling the micropores with inert particles that are resistant to stress cracking, ensuring protection from cracks caused by

1 - High ground/air temperatures during summer months (the heat causes expansion and contraction)

2 - Frost heave (the earth moves up during winter causing damage to your base or liner.

3 - Water pressure (water is very heavy and can do a lot of damage if your liner or base isn't protected)

4 - Allowing for expansion and contraction (if water evaporates during summer months, the minerals left behind will cause shrinkage. If you don't protect against this phenomenon, it could result in cracking.)

Recommendation: Pond Armor SKU-CBLUE-GA Non-Toxic Pond Shield 

The Pond Armor SKU-CBLUE-GA Non-Toxic Pond Shield is recommended as the best pond sealer because it combines a low price point with a state-of-the-art water base acrylic formula that looks and performs like a professional product.

Pond Armor SKU-CBLUE-GA Non-Toxic Pond Shield is also environmentally friendly, which makes it one of the best pond sealers to reseal your pond.

It comes in a 5-gallon pail and is designed to resurface concrete and wood surfaces.

What Does Pond Armor SKU-CBLUE-GA Non-Toxic Pond Shield Consist Of ?

The active ingredients of the Pond Armor SKU-CBLUE-GA Non-Toxic Pond Shield are: Acrylic Polymer, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Rubber.

Size: 1 Gallon | Price $32.95 at Home Depot USA   Availability : This Item is  Available Now

Pond Armor SKU-CBLUE-GA Non-Toxic Pond Shield Resurfacing Kit performed better than other competitive sealers because it contains more than three times as much resin per unit volume as other brands.

The Pond Armor SKU-CBLUE-GA Non-Toxic Pond Shield is a great value and will give you years of performance.

Get The Pond Armor SKU-CBLUE-GA Non-Toxic Pond Shield Here


Best External Pond Pump

The best external pond pump for your pond is going to depend on what you need to accomplish. If you want a strong waterfall, then a high-powered pump is going to be necessary. That being said, there are other factors to consider in order to pick the best pond pump for your pond and its unique situation.

Pump Intake Height

Many people overlook this aspect of a pond pump, but it is extremely important. The height at which the pump needs to sit in order to get proper operation can vary from pump to pump. The general rule is that the water should be 4-6 inches over the submerged portion of the prop in order for it to operate at its peak performance. Be sure that your pump is tall enough to keep the intake from being obstructed by other elements in your pond such as waterfalls or submerged plant life.

Many ponds require a waterfall, and if this is the case with you, then you will need a strong external pump in order to create the necessary pressure to push the water through. This is where pond pumps become important, as they can offer many different things for your pond that you might not have originally considered.

Pump Runtime

Check your pump's warranty before making a purchase to see how long it is guaranteed to work. If it doesn't come with a warranty, make sure that you check the reviews of the product and see what problems other users have experienced with it. You can then decide whether or not that pump is worth purchasing, as some cheaper pumps may only last a few months before they start to malfunction.

What should an External Pond Pump Do?

An external pond pump should accomplish one thing: Creating water flow. Whether it is the circulation of the water or creating a waterfall, your pump should be able to get the job done. If you are looking for a strong waterfall, then you will need to spend more on something with an even stronger current.

Recommendation: Helix External Pump

The Helix External Pond Pump is the best external pond pump because it has a huge variety of uses, one being the creation of strong waterfalls. It is great for giving your pond that extra touch of natural beauty while also having the ability to help circulate the water in order to improve its overall quality.

The Helix Pond Pump features an adjustable flow control valve that allows you to determine how powerful your waterfall is going to be. It also has a trigger grip so you can turn the pump on and off whenever needed. It is ideal for smaller ponds, but it can still handle larger ponds if your budget allows you to get a more powerful model.

The Helix External Pond Pump Here

Best Pond Weed Killer

The Best Pond Weed Killer is one that you mix with water and pour directly into your pond. Good pond weed killers like this one are capable of killing all kinds of floating, string (or thread) algae such as blanketweed, greenwater or hair algae. They can also kill string or thread algae that clings to rocks and other surfaces in the bottom of the pond – something many other pond weed killers cannot do.

Best Pond Weed Killers are the only treatment that can be dosed up to 10 times stronger than other treatments, according to the manufacturer's own tests. This means that you will need A LOT LESS BEST POND WEED KILLER THAN OTHER TREATMENTS, and it also means that you will be able to make your weed killing sessions even more effective by applying the solution less frequently.

Of course, BEST POND WEED KILLER cannot kill pond algae on its own – it needs to be applied regularly for several consecutive weeks. However, when used as part of a full management regime that also includes water changes and scraping or netting any remaining algae off the pond's surfaces, it really is the best way to fight this terrible pest weed.

What should a Pond Weed Killer Do?

The best pond weed killer should kill all kinds of floating algae, including blanket weed. It should also kill any string algae that clings to rocks or surfaces in the bottom of the pond. And best of all, it should be safe for fish and all other pond life – including plants.

Recommendation: Airmax Wipeout Pondweed Defense, Pond Herbicide & Weed Control, 32 oz

The Airmax Wipeout Pondweed Defense is the best pond weed killer because it kills all kinds of floating algae, including string or thread algae that clings to rocks or surfaces in the bottom of ponds. It is also safe for fish and other pond life, including plants!

This pond weed killer features a unique, patented formula that is safe for all pond life and contains no harsh acids.

It can be applied in the evening when the fish and other animals are hiding away to reduce stress (although it will not harm them in any way). However, you should ALWAYS apply pond weed killers when the WHOLE pond has been drained and there is no chance of any pond life coming into contact with the weed killer.

Get The Airmax Wipeout Pondweed Defense Here

Best Pond Kits

The best pond kits are an easy and affordable way to start a beautiful, flourishing pond. Installing a pond kit is an exciting adventure, full of possibilities.

Before you buy a preformed or liner-less pond kit, think about what kind of fish you want in the water feature, the size of your yard and how much work you are willing to do. Make a list of the equipment you need to keep fish healthy and safe. Choose a pond kit that meets your needs, but don't shop for just the cheapest price .

Keep in mind that there are plenty of options for adding a water garden to your yard or garden that don't require a pond kit. Once you've decided on a specific kit, have the necessary equipment available when you set up the pond.

Research your fish options before shopping for a pond kit. In order to maintain a healthy ecosystem that provides plenty of water plants and shelter for fish, the number of fish in your pond should be limited by the minimum amount of surface area covered with water. This surface area is called the "oxygen-transfer rate" or "OTR" of the water. The OTR determines the maximum number of fish in a pond.

Ponds need filtration to remove debris, fish waste and excess nutrients from the water. Don't make your own filter by putting water lilies or oil filters in the water. These will not be satisfactory.

Maintain a shallow area for children and pets to play near the water feature. Small ponds (less than 2 feet deep) require less maintenance and cleaning, but they may not provide as much protection from predators as deeper waters.

What should You Expect From Pond Kits ?

Pond Kits should last a long time, look beautiful and give you a great return on your initial investment. If the preformed pond kit is going to be your water garden's permanent home, it should last at least twenty years.

Pond kits that are free-form or use liners can be removed from one area of the yard and relocated in another if necessary.

Some preformed pond kits have a pump and filter, while other kits require separate pumps and filters. All need an aerator to add oxygen for the fish. The plants in water gardens should be live plants, not silk or plastic replicas.

Pond Kits come in different sizes so you can choose the right size for your yard. The size of your yard or garden is the first consideration. Preformed ponds are large and come in a standard size.

Pond Kits require Drainage –The plants, fish and water have to go somewhere. There must be a method to drain away the excess water from rain or improper filter operation. Pond kits should have sloped floors so that the excess water drains away from the pond and into a drainage system. Pond kits that don't drain well can become stagnant and turn green with algae.

Kits should be easy to clean – The filter should not clog up quickly and need regular maintenance . Most ponds sit empty during cold weather, so having a good filter and aerator makes the fish more comfortable during the winter.

Not all fish are compatible with each other – Some fish can live together in a pond without problems, while some fish need to be separated. Goldfish and koi are popular choices for ponds because you can keep them together or separate them depending on your preference.

Recommendation: HALF OFF PONDS - MDSUV0 - Savio Signature Pond Kit

The Half Off Ponds Savio Signature Pond Kit is the best pond kit because it has all the features of other pond kits, but is sold at 50% off. It's beautiful and lasts a long time. The Savio Signature Pond Kit comes with everything you need (including plants, fish and pump/filter) as well as an instructional DVD that helps you set up your new water feature easily .

Get the Half Off Ponds Savio Signature Pond Kit Here

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