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Having the Right Pond Dechlorinator will enable any pond enthusiast to keep a healthy pH and overall water balance for not only the plants, but the pond fish as well.

Why Do I Need Pond Dechlorinators?

Whether you’re concerned about chlorine in your drinking water, fish tank, or garden, there are several quick and easy ways to remove chlorine from water.

Specifically to ponds, it’s important to maintain a proper acid/base level.

Natural methods like boiling or evaporation are useful for small volumes of water but not so applicable to our ponds at home!

Dechlorinating a large volume, therefore, will require the use of an additive for our ponds.

It’s important that everyone considers investing in a pond filtration system to remove chlorine at the source and save time.

Pond Dechlorinators and Installing a Pond Aerator Will Help

Install an aerating sprayer for your fish pond. Along with pond aeration, if you're in the winter months, then a pond de-icer may be needed as well.

If you’re trying to dechlorinate pond water, use a spraying device (like a spraying nozzle connected to a hose) to add air into the water as it enters the pond.

Chlorine is known to be extremely volatile and will naturally dissipate in open ponds, but pond aeration with an air pump will speed up the process considerably.

Adding a Pond Dechlorinator with an Agent

Every Pond dechlorination agent specifies the amount of water it’s designed to treat, so read the directions carefully.

Proper use of pond filter media will help lubricate and maintain the water level in your pond that is sustainable wildlife and the internal ecosystem. 

Adding the dechlorination agent requires unscrewing the bottle's lid, then turning the bottle upside down, allowing the proper amount to drip out.

The water will be ready for immediate use

If you’re using the water in a fish tank with a biological filter, choose a dechlorination agent that doesn’t have an ammonia remover, which could cause problems in the pond filter.

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