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Pond Deicer Use is Extremely Important When Maintaining Your Ponds Overall Health During the Winter Months.

Why Would You Need A Pond Deicer?

Pond deicers are a total necessity in colder climates or seasons. When a pond has its water freeze over, it will prevent oxygen from properly mixing into the water.

As you can probably tell, pond aeration is vitally important to maintain in the winter and colder months. Not only that but it's suggested that year long pond aeration take place!

This is because the outer air environment is blocked from the lower water environment.

Since fish rely on dissolved oxygen in the water to breathe, they will not survive if left iced over for too long.

Moreover, harmful gasses that are normally filtered out, like ammonia, from waste will build up under the ice.

It cannot be stressed enough at the importance of preventing the ice from completely covering the pond is essential for any fish survival.

How Pond Deicers Work

Ponder Deicers work by heating a hole in the ice that is covering the pond. This then, allows for a proper exchange of gasses to be maintained. In conjunction with pond dechlorinators, you'll be able to maintain a homeostatic aquatic environment that is suitable for life.

Oxygen can enter into the water, and harmful ammonia waste can be removed thereby keeping fish healthy.

Choosing The Best Pond Deicer

Now that you’re a deicer expert, it’s important to decide which one is best for your pond and needs.

As a general recommendation, consider the following ratio: 1 watt of power for every 1 – 2 gallons of water in the pond. For example, if your pond is 100 gallons, consider purchasing a deicer with 100-200 watts of power.

It’s important to maintain that power to gallon ratio because it will provide proper functionality while also not making the water too heated, which is another problem!

Some pond air pumps or aerators also come with a built-in heater for operating in the cold months.

If you already own a pond aerator then check if your aerator already a deicing feature before purchasing a dedicated one.

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