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Pond Filter Media is an must-have addition to preserve the health of your pond in the context of water composition and animal safety.

Best Pond Filter Media For Your Pond

While pond filter media is completely essential for keeping your pond’s water clean and clear, they are only as good as the media you use in them.

This includes the use of appropriate dechlorinators in combination with medias that are of different materials.

A mix of both mechanical and biological media for your fish pond filters is crucial.

Each filter media has its individual benefits, and it’s recommend to read about which one works best for you.

Biological Pond Filter Media

Biological pond filter media was created to use natural bacteria to dissolve the waste your fish produce.

The mechanism of action of the biological media is that it breaks down ammonia in the fish waste and converts it into nitrites (not to be confused with nitrates!).

Nitrites are extremely beneficial to the health of any pond and mimic nature by the way of keeping them clean.

If you’re in search of a biological pond filter media system, then it’s recommended to use a media that has plenty of surface area.

Mechanical Pond Filter Media

Mechanical Pond Filter Media is different from our biological filter media. The mechanical media works by catching debris and wastes that cycle through the pond filter system.

These mechanical filters come in an array of thicknesses to trap debris of different sizes.

Certain pond kits will come with everything you might need in order to maintain your pond. Complete kits will have both a testing mechanism and the appropriate filter media for starters.

It’s recommended that you layer the fish pond filter media from coarse to fine.

This will provide an even flow of water that leaves the pond’s water crystal clear.

A convenient benefit of the mechanical pond filer media is that it is easily cleaned with a rinse of water.

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