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As the ground naturally absorbs water, if a barrier isn’t placed between the dirt and the water itself, then you won’t have a pond left.

Wait, Do I REALLY Need a Pond Liner?

Yes. Installing a product like a rubber pond liner is absolutely essential for keeping your pond filled with water at all times.

Otherwise, the water will dissipate out into the surrounding environment! It's no wonder that when building a pond yourself, adding pond lights is last on the list and liners are first!

These pond liners also provide a layer of protection that keeps dirt, debris, and contaminants from making contact with the fish living in the pond.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Pond Liners

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a specific class of synthetic rubber that is used in a variety of different applications.

A common use of EPDM pond liners is for Koi Ponds.

This is because the material is very easy to work with. Pond Liners made from EPDM are incredibly malleable, durable, and poor weather resistant.

A quality sought after by pond liner users is that this material is safe for fish in the pond and will not leak chemicals the same way plastic liners do!

Installing A Pond Liner

You’ll find that various places sell liners for any pond in just about most easy to install shapes and sizes.

To measure a newly dug pond, it is recommended that you run a string along the ground for the length of the pond.

Next, measure the string in order to determine the length of the underliner and liner needed. Pond liners when placed properly will not be affected or torn by submersible pond pumps.

We also recommend adding an extra 1-2 feet to be safe, since you can cut to size later.

Then repeat to get the pond liner width

You’ll easily find boxed and custom cut pond liners for sale to accommodate any design you can think of!

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