Pond Pumps: What is the Best Pond Pump to Buy?

To begin understanding pond pumps and identifying the best pump to connect to your backyard pond, it's important to cover the basics of these pond supplies.

What is a Pond Pump Aerator?

In general, Aerator pumps help keep fish in ponds in good standing and healthy in the context of oxygen supply. These pumps provide a generous supply of oxygen throughout the pond.

This is important because fish actually breath oxygen that is dissolved in the water itself.

So, if you’re maintaining appropriate levels of oxygen in the pond water, then your fish and aquatic animals living in it, will stay healthy.

How Do Air Pond Pumps Work?

The mechanism of Pond Air Pumps is interesting. They function by pulling and filtering air from the outside into your pond by mixing it with the water via air diffuser.

If you’re wondering what a diffuser is specifically, it’s a device that reduces the velocity and increases the static pressure of a fluid passing through a system.

Basically, it slows down the air coming into the pond, compresses it and the result is a rich oxygen diffused mixture going into your pond.

It’s suggested that your aerator pumps are left running 24 hours a day. This will provide the appropriate amount of oxygen to your fish in the pond.

In combination with proper pond liners, these pond pumps will help preserve the integrity of the overall pond structure from within, and out.

It’s highly recommended that the air pump is placed a few feet away from your pond and protected by a protective covering.

Are Pond Aerators Important for My Pond?

Yes. The Pond Air Pumps create an environment in the water of the pond that is livable for your fish and other creatures.

These aerator pumps make sure that the fish in the pond are active, healthy enough to combat disease, and remain less environmentally stressed or challenged.

You should utilize pond skimmers in conjunction with appropriate pond aerators in order to maintain a healthy pH level and cellular integrity of the pond water for your fish.

If you ever ran into the trouble of having bacteria in your pond, these aerator pumps are crucial in helping bacteria natural to the water environment break down waste that finds its way to the bottom of the pond.

Your Pond Air Pumps will keep air circulating in the water and create a homeostasis within it in terms of water temperature throughout the pond.

This idea is often overlooked or forgotten. Remember the last time you jumped into a pond or lake near you?

The water was much cooler the deeper you dove down. The same concept is applied here and fixed with an air pond pump!

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