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Pond Skimmers Work on the Extreme end of Efficiency when it comes to keeping a pond in optimal shape.

Is that leaf floating out in the middle of your nice backyard pond irritating you? Did you almost fall into the pond while reaching for it?

Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. That’s why we recommend you take a look at adding a Pond Skimmer to your arsenal!

What Exactly Are Pond Skimmers?

Pond skimmers work really well with filters to keep every pond nice and clean for the fish that live there.

A pond skimmer will collect floating debris such as twigs, leaves, bugs and pretty much anything else on the reachable surface.

These skimmers will help you prevent debris from clogging up your filters and pumps.

Most pond skimmers are large enough so one can fit the Submersible Pond Pumps along with plumbing inside. This will keep utilities mentioned out of view.

Why Pond Skimmers Are So Important

It is highly recommended that you install a pond skimmer for your pond. It is even mores recommended if your backyard pond is near nature such as trees, plants, bushes or flowers.

Falling leaves and plant debris will annoyingly sink to the bottom of a pond where they will break down which causes a lot of water quality problems.

Importantly, when (not if!) water pumps are exposed to debris, they will inevitably clog and require frequent maintenance.

Pond Skimmers remove debris before they even have a chance to sink and decompose or breakdown in the water.

If you see that the pond water is beginning to become murky and unpleasant, consider using the testing kits that came with your pond kits or purchasing one here at the Garden Pond Supply.

These skimmers house pumps for easy access which means you won’t have to wade out into your pond.

Furthermore, the pond skimmers are super simple to maintain, meaning clean out. It is recommended by the experts that the combination of a mechanical skimmer and biological filter be used for optimized filtration.

It is possible to store Biological Media directly inside the pond skimmer.

What about Installing A Pond Skimmer?

It is recommended that you pick out a skimmer that is rated to handle a flow of water similar to your own pump’s flow rate.

Doing so will make sure that the pond skimmer will always be able to keep up with the amount of water flowing through it.

Once the pond skimmer is picked out, empty the pond to just about halfway-empty and then dig out the area where the pond skimmer will be installed.

Pro Tip: Keep the top rim of the skimmer’s opening above the water line so it can catch debris from the surface.

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