Water Features

Looking for backyard ideas that will turn your outdoor area into the paradise of your dreams? A water feature or backyard pond is sure to provide serenity. With these backyard designs, you can create a haven right outside your door.

Water Features For Under $500

Create a Water Feature for under $500 with this Waterfall and Barrel Water Feature backyard idea.

You can use PVC piping to make an old fashioned water wheel or attach it directly to your downspout. Water will be directed to the waterfall creating a soothing sound as it cascades over the rocks.

Speckled Wood Pots filled with flowers and moss can hold soil that holds self-watering pots for plants that require less watering like succulents, cacti or even vegetables like tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers.

The Water Cylinder Water Feature is not only visually appealing but also functional in keeping water fresh longer by slowing down evaporation caused by exposure to sunlight. Layering sand, pebbles and rocks in the Waterfall Water Cylinder Water Feature will add to the appearance and practicality.

A Fire Pit Water Feature is an excellent way to add a beautiful centerpiece to any backyard patio area. The water in the Water Garden Planter Water Feature doubles as a fire extinguisher in case of emergency or when lit with candles, provides light for outdoor gatherings.

GF Gardenfans 5-Tier Outdoor Water Fountain Resin Fountain Decor with LED Lighting Water

The GF Gardenfans 5-Tier Outdoor Water Fountain Resin Fountain Decor comes with LED Lighting Water.

The combination of modern design and natural elements provides the perfect decoration for your courtyard, the sound of running water and the real grey stone stone tower create a wonderful and comfortable ambiance, making you feel like being in nature.

Water Features For Under $1000

The Sunnydaze Grand Courtyard Outdoor Water Fountain is Large & elegant size:

Make a statement in your yard, deck, patio, front porch, balcony, or landscape with this stunning outdoor tier fountain; Measures 80 inches tall x 43 inch diameter and weighs 115 pounds to ensure it won't tip over outside; Holds up to 40 gallons of water

Durable material that's built to last:

This gorgeous large outdoor fountain centerpiece is constructed of durable fiberglass resin material to ensure it will be long-lasting while resembling the attractive appeal of a stone garden fountain

Water Features For Under $2000

The amazing HALF OFF PONDS - MDP0 - PondBuilder Crystal 4000 is just what you're looking for if you want a true water feature that is pondless. Water will cascade from Water Wall Water Feature to Water Waterfall Water feature and over Waterfalls Water Cylinder Water Feature.

There is a Water Basin Water Feature where water will drain back into the pondless tank where it will be recirculated for continuous water flow.

A Free Standing Nano Pond Design does not require any prepping of your backyard area before installation. Just lay down the stones, fill with water and plug in! The Free Standing Nano Pond Design will create an oasis in your own backyard patio or garden without taking up space on the ground. The simple wall design enhances any yard setting while providing year-round enjoyment with no prepping required.

What you should know when picking water features

The best water features will draw attention to the focal point of your yard. Water features are a simple as mini patio ponds or as complex as Large Pondless Waterfalls. There is a perfect feature for your backyard pond experience here!

"I enjoyed reading this article by Sivan Broudy on Water Features For Every Budget." -Eric Mack, Chief Executive Officer, Ponds Unlimited USA

Cool Water Garden Tips:

Water features can be expensive and require maintenance like all outdoor upgrades;

You do not want to skimp on water features and save money up front only to pay for it later through repairs;

The key is knowing what you should look out for when buying water features;

This way you get the best quality at an affordable price that will last for years without any issues.

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