Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Filter & Waterfall Spillway


What do Biological Filters, FilterFalls and Efficient Removal of Toxins While Providing A Soft Sound of Water Have in Common?

That's right. It's the 16-inch Atlantic Water Gardens BF1600 BF1900 Pond Filter & Waterfall Spillway!

Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Filter: Waterfall Spillway

Brand: Atlantic Water Gardens

Color: Black

Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Filter & Waterfall Spillway Features:

  • Biological filters remove Suspended solids, convert toxic ammonia and nitrites to harmless nitrates and aerate the pond
  • Atlantic's FilterFalls are designed to be able to expand filter capacity as ponds age and fish grow
  • Efficient removal of toxins and floating Particles from the water column improves water quality and clarity
  • Oversized chamber contains more Media material to start with, accepts additional filtration when needed and accommodates more choices of filtration media
  • Overhanging weir with drip edge eliminates leaking due to silicone seal failure
  • Multiple bulkhead locations allow maximum versatility in plumbing FilterFalls
  • Reinforced body prevents warping and deformation for years of worry-free service
  • Support bars accommodate heavier stone and gravel for ease in camouflaging

Publisher: Atlantic Water Gardens

Details of the Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Filter & Waterfall Spillway:

Atlantic's FilterFalls are not only the perfect complement to Atlantic skimmers, they offer performance & Upgradeable filtration options that every pond Builder will appreciate.

Massively strong, with spacious interiors that accept to three Matala filter mats & a variety of available Bio media.

These solid workhorses provide the ultimate filter solution from newly installed to even the most heavily stocked ponds & water gardens!

Waterfalls - 16" - 1 1/2" Bulkhead - biological filter for your pond or water garden creates the conditions for beneficial bacteria to grow in your spillway.

The BF1600 comes standard with a sturdy bottom grate, two Bio-Tech filter mats, a media bag for Bio-Tech media, support bar, & heavy-duty removable top grate.

Complete with a lifetime on the enclosure, your water feature will be built to last.

UPC: 727429002032

EAN: 1376572780121

Package Dimensions: 22.0 x 19.0 x 18.0 inches

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