Beckett Solar Air Pump Kit


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One of the best Solar Air Pump Brands comes provided by the Beckett Corporation. Introducing the Beckett Solar Air Pump Kit.

Beckett Solar Air Pump Features:

1. Solar Air Pump Kit

Expertly Designed to boost oxygen levels in outdoor ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and even fishing coolers. Pumps oxygen into water, creating a healthy environment for fish and plants.

By adding movement to the water, you avoid pond settling and becoming stagnant.

2. Outdoor Uses

The Beckett Solar Air Pump is Ideal for small bodies of water. 1.5 watt solar panel is an environmentally friendly power source.

3. Easy to Operate

Most ideal for remote locations that do not have access to standard outlet.

What's Included in this Solar Air Pump Kit?

-6.5 feet of tubing, a diffuser stone, 9.5ft power cord, 1.5 watt solar panel, and submergible air pump. 1-year warranty.

Air hose- 6.5

1.5 watt solar panel

Power cord -9.8'

Nominal Voltage-7.68 V, Nominal current-195mA

More Beckett Solar Air Pump Kit Details

This Beckett Solar Pond Pump is ideal for fountains, ponds and container gardens. This device will add O2 to the body of water, creating a wonderful environment for life.

Pond pumps circulate and aerate their environment, constructing an eco balance in which wildlife of all kinds, including goldfish, koi, and turtles can thrive, as well as a vast variety of flora.

The eco friendly solar powered element of this pump makes a a great addition to any bodies of water that lack accessibility to electricity.

UPC: 52309721704
EAN: 52309721704
Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 6.4 x 2.8 inches

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