Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump


Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump, 2.5W Solar Fountain Pump with 800 mAh Battery Backup, Free Standing Solar Powered Water Fountain Pump for Bird Bath Garden Pond Pool Outdoor

Brand: Biling

Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump Features:

  • ⛲Constant Flow Solar Fountain with Battery Backup - Our 2.5W solar panel & 800 mAh battery is more powerful than other solar fountain, and our fountain can store electricity in the battery. When the sun shines, the excess electricity will be stored in the battery, ensuring the fountain constant flow, it will continue to work without spurt intermittently! (Even the sun is weak)
  • ⛲Solar Panel Circuit Upgrade - Even if the solar panel is blocked by 3-4 pieces, our solar fountain still works with constant flow (other solar fountains will not work after being blocked).
  • ⛲High Quality Solar Laminated Panel - Unlike other solar fountain used the low-quality epoxy panel, we use high-quality solar laminates that won't break, deform, delamination, and last Longer.
  • ⛲ Idling & Blocking Protection - When the fountain is not in the water or the pump is stuck by impurities, the pump will automatically stop working, prevent the pump from drying run and causing burn out, and prolong the service life of the fountain. (When the fountain is not working, please check if the water enough, or disassemble the pump and clean it.)
  • ⛲Professional After-sales Service: Free return within 3 months, reliable customer service support within 24 hours.

Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump Details:

Biling 2020 latest Constant Flow Solar Fountain with Battery Backup The sunlight first supplies the solar water pump, then stores the excess electricity in the battery to ensure that the solar pump can be sprayed continuously!

The Largest Power 2.5W The solar panel is upgraded to 2.5W, our solar panel power is the largest on the market, and it also has a power storage function. In the weaker conditions of the sun, the product can continue to work for a whole day. New Upgrade of Solar Panel

Our solar fountain use high quality solar laminated panel and brushless pump that don't break and last longer!

Even if the solar panels are blocked by 3-4 pieces, our solar fountains still work under constant flow!

What is the idling and blocking protection?

1. When the pump idles for 15 seconds or is blocked, it will stop working automatically.

2.At this time, you need to inject sufficient water into the pool and clean up the impurities in the pump. Put the product in the water for 5-30 seconds to work normally!

Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump Notes:

1. When the pump is just placed in the water, there is air inside, which may affect spraying. Advise to connect nozzles after spraying normally.

2. If the solar fountain detects water shortage protection and stops working, you only need to add water or clean impurities, and wait 5-30 seconds to work normally.

3. Clean the solar panel frequently, keep the water clean and clean the pump regularly (suggest once a month). SPECIFICATION: Solar panel:6V 2.5W Battery: 3.7V 800mAh Max spray height:50cm Max water flow:180L/H

EAN: 0721353800801

Package Dimensions: 7.4 x 7.3 x 2.0 inches

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