Half Off Ponds LH0 Large Hybrid Pond Kit


Simply said, the Half Off Ponds LH0 Large Hybrid Pond Kit is a backyard Pond Creator's oasis.

Compact, simple, and sleek - this backyard pond kit comes complete with Savio's Livingponds Waterfall Filter.

Enjoy professional looking finishes to your pond build while simultaneously using water dynamics that clean your pond in the most effective way.


Half Off Ponds

Features of the Half Off Pond Kit

  • Our kits include components from leading manufacturers, selected to work together to create a beautiful, low-maintenance backyard oasis. Get the best pond kit at the best price with the 5200 Complete PRO Pond Kit. Professional, quality products mean that there's no guess work, and you will enjoy your feature for years to come.
  • Build a shallow water garden up to 16 x 26 feet at 1.5' deep or a koi pond up to 13 x 23 feet at 3' deep. Finished pond length, width and depth can be tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Included is Savio's Livingponds Waterfall Filter giving professional results instantly while harnessing the natural dynamics of moving water to clean your pond more effectively. The inlet into the waterfall is on top of the backside, forcing water down a vortex chamber to the bottom of the unit and then rises back up through the SpringFlo Media and a mechanical filtration pad. SpringFlo acts as both mechanical and biological filtration with 60% more efficient filtering than square box filters.
  • 5200 Comple PRO Kit Includes: Savio Livingponds 22" Waterfall Filter, PondBuilder Crystal Falls Pond Skimmer, Aqua Pulse 5,200 GPH Pump, 20 ft. x 30 ft. of 45-mil EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner, 600 SqFt of UnderGuard Geotextile Underlayment, 2 in. x 25 ft. Half Off Ponds Flexible PVC Pipe, Patriot Pond 1-Watt Bronze Spot Light, 12 oz can of Black Waterfall Foam(x3), 8 oz. bottle of Rescue Water Treatment Beneficial Bacteria, and all necessary plumbing fittings.
  • All kit components include a manufacturer's warranty and Half Off Ponds provides a single contact for warranty claims: Liner - Limited Lifetime (when installed with UnderGuard), Pump - 2-Years, Skimmer - 5-Years, Waterfall - 5-Years. This item ships via LTL Freight: Accurate phone number required to schedule delivery (lift-gate service is NOT included).


Anjon Manufacturing

Details of the Half Off Ponds Large Hybrid Pond Kit:

Half Off Ponds Kits give the best performance at the best price.
Savio and PondBuilder brands are well-known in the pond and water garden industry for superb products.

Our complete pond kits include all the needed pond supplies and remove the guesswork of individually picking items. Saving you time shopping and trips to the hardware store.

    • At the heart of your water feature is your pump. The Aqua Pulse Series is a highly-rated pump and designed for 24-hour nonstop use, with a built-in thermal sensor to avoid burnout. These pumps are oil-free to make your pond safe for plants, fish and other wildlife.

    • Add a stunning 22" waterfall with the Savio Livingponds Waterfall Filter and harness the natural dynamics of moving water. The engineered cylindrical design puts pond water into a dynamic spin cycle, removing the heaviest debris before it gets into the filter media and ensures that the water is evenly distributed throughout the entire chamber. The result? A filter that operates nearly 3 times more effectively than square filters.

    • The PondBuilder Crystal Falls Pond Skimmer cleans the pond of debris before it can settle to the bottom and turn into sludge. It also houses and protects your water pump!

    • Why work all day to come home to a dark pond that you cannot enjoy? We include a submersible light set to illuminate your pond or waterfall.

    • The pond liner is the foundation for any koi pond or water garden. LifeGuard EPDM pond liner is the quality choice of installers and feature owners. UnderGuard nonwoven geotextile fabrics are perfect for stabilizing soil, preventing rocks from tearing pond liner.

  • We include plumbing fixtures, sealants and water treatment. 2" x 25' Half Off Ponds Flexible PVC Pipe, PVC Tubing, 3 Savio Black Waterfall Foam Cans - 12 oz, 1 Rescue Water Treatment's Beneficial Bacteria - 8 oz Bottle, 1 Weld-On Wet 'R Dry PVC Cement - 4 oz Can
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EAN: 609456721028

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