HALF OFF PONDS PondBuilder Crystal 4000 Pond Kit


HALF OFF PONDS PondBuilder Crystal 4000 Pond Kit with 7" Skimmer, 20" Waterfall, 4,000 GPH Pump, 20 Foot x 25 Foot EPDM Liner.


HALF OFF PONDS PondBuilder Crystal 4000 Pond Kit Features:

  • Our kits include components from leading manufacturers, selected to work together to create a beautiful, low-maintenance backyard oasis.
  • Get the best pond kit at the best price with the PondBuilder Crystal 4000 Water Garden and Pond Kit.
  • Professional, quality products mean that there's no guess work, and you will enjoy your feature for years to come.
  • Build a shallow water garden up to 16 x 21 feet at 1.5 feet deep, or a koi pond up to 13 x 18 feet at 3' deep. Finished pond length, width and depth can be tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Included is PondBuilder's Crystal 20" Filtering Waterfall and Crystal 7" Filtering Pond Skimmer.
  • The Crystal Series is our mid-grade product line. Great for DIY'ers looking for a product that will tackle a larger project while providing professional installers an affordable alternative to our Elite Series.
  • PondBuilder Crystal 4000 Kit Includes: PondBuilder Crystal 20" Waterfall, PondBuilder Crystal 7" Pond Skimmer, Aqua Pulse 4,000 GPH Pump, 20 ft. x 25 ft. of 45-mil EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner, 500 SqFt of UnderGuard Geotextile Underlayment, 1.5 in. x 25 ft. Half Off Ponds Kink-Free Tubing, Patriot Pond LED Bronze Spot Light, 12 oz can of Black Waterfall Foam, 8 oz. bottle of Rescue Water Treatment Beneficial Bacteria, and all necessary plumbing fittings.
  • All kit components include a manufacturer's warranty and Half Off Ponds provides a single contact for warranty claims: Liner - Limited Lifetime (when installed with UnderGuard), Pump - 2-Years, Skimmer - 5-Years, Waterfall - 5-Years. Ships as a ground package, Fast and Free!

Publisher: Anjon Manufacturing

HALF OFF PONDS PondBuilder Crystal 4000 Pond Kit Details:

Imagine water cascading over your waterfall and splashing into the pond below.

The pool of water is so clear that you can see fish gliding over the rocks at the bottom.

You walk out your backdoor to enjoy soothing scene once was only attainable with a large investment or by visiting a botanical garden.

That is no longer the case with this cutting-edge kit. Our goal is to help you create a pond that looks great and requires minimal effort to maintain.

PondBuilder Crystal Falls Skimmer and Waterfall come with mechanical and biological filtration ensuring that your system's water is clean and clear with minimal effort.

The faux rock lid on the skimmer seamlessly integrates into any feature and allows easy access to the pump.

All that is needed is rocks, water, and your personal touch to create an aquatic sanctuary.

PondBuilder products are known to give you professional results with little maintenance.

Build a pond as grand as your expectations with PondBuilder Pond Kits.

PondBuilder Crystal 4000 Includes:
    • PondBuilder Crystal 20" Filtering Waterfall

    • Pondbuilder Crystal 7" Filtering Pond Skimmer

    • Half Off Ponds Aqua Pulse 4,000 GPH Magnetic Drive Pump

    • 20' x 25' 45-Mil EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner

    • 500 Sq ft. of UnderGuard Underlayment Non-Woven Geotextile

    • 1.5" x 25' Kink Free Tubing

    • (1) Patriot Pond Submersible Bronze LED Spot Light

    • (1) BlackFoam Waterfall Foam - 12 oz Can

    • (1) Rescue Water Treatment's Beneficial Bacteria - 8 oz Bottle

  • All Necessary Plumbing Fixtures

UPC: 609456719575

EAN: 609456719575

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