HQUA 5000E


HQUA 5000E Electronic Water Descaler, Alternative Water Softener, Salt Free, Limescale and Rust Removal and Prevention

Brand: HQUA

HQUA 5000E E Features:


    Descale the existing deposit in your entire pipe system and Prevent scale deposits again. Our antenna bands have a better performance compare to the regular wires by conducting a complex, frequency-modulated electromagnetic signal into the water. The crystal structure of the Calcium and Magnesium carbonate would change and no longer stick to any surface and form the limescale. Check videos or product descriptions for more.



    Blocking, Worse heating efficiency, Rust accumulation, Disgusting color and smells, Corrosion, Damage to the appliance, High cost for cleaning. All these problems would be solved if the lime scale would not generate and descaling happens. It might take up to three months to notice a significant improvement. Check videos or product descriptions for more.


    Cable bands works great in this new technology since it has a larger working area. All kinds of piping works. These minerals are great for our body, it is a necessary part of our diet. Very Easy to install this unit. No plumber needed, 5 mins at most. No salt, No chemical involves into your water, No PH changes too compare to the Salt-use Water Softener. Super cheap and maintenance free. 1 USD per year cost.

  • NOTICES: The Max Pipe Size: 1-1/2”. The Max Water Hardness: 25 gpg (grains per gallon). 8 inches needed at least totally for 1” pipe, 6 inches needed at least totally for 1-1/2” pipe. Separately winding acceptable.

Details: How Does the HQUA 5000E Work?

HQUA 5000E functions by the complex, frequency modulated electromagnetic wave that transmitted through two cable bands wrapped around the main water pipe.

When the frequency meet the natural frequency of the calcium carbonate which is dissolved in the water.

The dissolved calcium carbonate is precipitated out in the water now. The calcium carbonate will stay in the water instead of stick to any surface of the fixture, since its crystal texture is not that sticky any more.

Meanwhile, the carbon dioxide that released from the water will help to dissolve existing scale deposits and drain from your plumbing system.

Why Choose HQUA Technology?

1. No more new limescale formed and dissolve the existed limescale.
2. Minerals reservation, and is good for health with drinking the minerals water.
3. Cheap and effective, no maintenance and plumbing job needed. Save your time and money.


Q: What is the suitable size of the pipe system?

A: The diameter of the main water pipe should not exceed 1.5 inch. Private homes are taken care of with one unit that treats the whole house, even for a 7 members family.

Q: Does the pipe type matter?

A: The HQUA 5000E could fit for all types of plumbing, including copper, iron, stainless steel, plastic and galvanized.

Q: How much it cost to maintain HQUA 5000E?

A: The power consumption is around 4 Watts, The cost of electric energy per year amounts to approx. 5-7 US$, depending on electric charge of your living area.

Q: How long will it take to remove the original scale?

A: Well, it depends on different situation, normally after 1-3 months you will see the scale is reduced obviously. It might need a long time to clean your pipe system totally, just as the time that the scale formed.

EAN: 0606719989096

Package Dimensions: 11.9 x 8.3 x 2.5 inches

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