HQUA PAS20 Pond & Lake Aeration System
PAS20 Pond & Lake Aeration System
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HQUA Pond Aeration System
HQUA PAS20 Pond Aeration Systems
HQUA PAS20 Pond Aerators

HQUA Pond & Lake Aeration System

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What would you do with a Pond Aeration System that keeps water clear AND reduces the chance of fish death?

You'll feel secure with your pond's health that is taken care of by this pond aerator.

Brand: HQUA

HQUA Pond & Lake Aeration System Features:

  • Aeration System: Keeps water clear and Reduces the chance of fish kills.
  • Able to aerate ponds up to 3 acre, compressor operates up to 50' deep while the motor draws 4.8 amps and pumps 4.7 CFM of air.
  • High efficient and quiet 1/2 Hp Oil-less Rocking Piston Air Pump.
  • Warranty: compressor comes with a 2-year warranty, while the tubing and diffuser come with a 5-year warranty.

Publisher: HQUA

Details on the HQUA Pond & Lake Aeration System

HQUA Aeration System Helps Restore Lakes Naturally. HQUA bottom diffused aeration turns the lake over, adding oxygen at all levels, in the most efficient and cost effective way to achieve a healthy balance.

Aeration also improves the effectiveness of biological and chemical treatments so you use less over time- better for you, better for the water and better for the environment.

HQUA Aeration System

Provides maximum water circulation and aeration.
Keeps water clear and fish healthy.
Reduces mucky pond & lake bottoms.
Reduces pond maintenance.
Reduces the chance of fish kills.


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