Outdoor Heater for Deck


Outdoor Heater for Deck and Patio Heater!

Outdoor Heater for Deck & Patio

Electric Heater - 1500W Outdoor Heater - Infrared Carbon Tube Heater ,Three-level Power Levels Patio Heater For Overheat Protection, LED Display,  Weatherproof, Garage, Garden perfect.

Brand: EPROSMIN Color: Sliver

Outdoor Heater for Deck Features:

Electric patio heater only needs to be partially assembled for use. The heating range is 3-5 meters and it only takes a few seconds to heat this space to the temperature you need. 


Using the electric outdoor heater is also extremely convenient. You can control the electric outdoor heater's power on/off and change heating modes by a long pull switch, no worry of having difficulty reaching electric patio heater.

Three Heating Adjustment

The outdoor heater has 3 power levels - 600/900/1500W.You can use this infrared heater to choose their ideal temperature.

For convenience, the head and height of the outdoor patio heater can be adjusted. You can choose the power according to your environment at the time, so you will not feel too cold or too hot.

Clamshell protection and heating element

The outdoor electric heater is made of high-quality metal and plastic, and the surface is coated.

The outdoor electric heater has IP34 dust-proof and waterproof rating, which is an ideal outdoor electric heater for balcony, courtyard, garage, garden, barbecue area or bar.

In addition, the infrared heater can work quietly. The terrace heater never emits carbon dioxide, smoke or dust, so the terrace heater is also suitable for indoor use.

Tip-Over Protection

This outdoor heater has a tip-over protection function. It also has a stable circular base to avoid tipping. Even if when your child or pet accidentally hits the heater, as long as the tilt reaches 45°, it will automatically cut off the power.

If you accidentally touch the surface of the outdoor patio heater, the electric patio heater has a stable circular base to avoid tipping.

Advanced carbon fiber heating technology

Three halogen fire tubes are built in the outdoor heater. The outdoor heater adopts carbon infrared heating technology, and the outdoor heater can output high heat immediately. Electric heaters can continuously provide sunshine-like warmth.

In addition, outdoor electric heaters do not produce greenhouse gases. Compared with traditional heaters (such as propane heaters), our terrace heaters are more environmentally friendly and can save electricity.

Outdoor Heater for Deck Details:

In a cold winter, would you like to meet your friends in the courtyard for BBQ, drink coffee, dinner or chat?

Do you want while it is winter in New York City, it is no longer cold in your terrace overlooking the city? Our patio heater allows you and your guests to sit outdoors and enjoy the view.

Do you want to arrange a any of your meals on the outdoor deck in cold weather?

This garden heater is weather and dust proof (ip34 grade) for outdoor maintenance.

3 Power Levels - 600W/900W/1500W -

Clamshell protection and heating element 

Adopt advanced infrared carbon tube heating technology. - Quiet-No sound when heating. 

Seller Warranty Policy 

If you find our electric patio heater has any problem, please just contact us without hesitation.

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