Patriot Sheer Elegance Lighted Acrylic Spillway


Spillway Lighting Game Changer: The Patriot Sheer Elegance SE24CC Lighted Acrylic Spillway is 24" and Contains a Color Changing Spillway. 

What About the Patriot Sheer Elegance Lighted Acrylic Spillway?

Brand: Patriot

Color: Color Changing

Patriot Sheer Elegance Lighted Acrylic Spillway Features:

  • Strong Acrylic construction for ease of use in multiple installation types. Recommended flow rates: 2000 GPH - 3000 GPH depending on head pressure.
  • Perfect for wet walls, formal falls, privacy walls, patio fountains, or indoor waterfall applications.
  • Includes remote control for power control and brightness (color selection and changing speed if equipped).
  • (1) Water inlet is 1.5" Female Thread Located In Center on spillway box bottom.
  • Backed by a 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty!

Publisher: Anjon Manufactiuring

Patriot Sheer Elegance Lighted Acrylic Spillway Details:

Sheer Elegance lighted spillways produce a shimmering clear arc of water during the day and a dramatic lighted cascade of water at night.

A captivating addition to a Koi pond, water garden, pool or spa, Sheer Elegance lighted spillways are available in 12", 24" and 36" widths.

The spillway is constructed from 2 sheets of clear acrylic spaced approximately 3/16" apart.

This tight outlet produces the beautiful sheer water effect.

Special note: Sheer Elegance Lighted Spillways are typically used in wet wall or formal falls applications where debris is at a minimum.

They are generally not used in fish ponds where water borne debris such as fish waste and algae may clog the spillway.

Additional filtration will be required when Sheer Elegance lighted spillways are used in Koi ponds, water gardens or pond-less waterfalls.

The additional required filtration can be easily achieved by using a pre-filter such as an external pressure filter. 

UPC: 701160091418

EAN: 701160091418

Package Dimensions: 25.9 x 9.6 x 7.3 inches

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