Septic Aerator Kit by HQUA


HQUA SWA20 1/8HP Pond Water Garden Septic Aerator Kit, Aeration System, MAX 5 CFM for Pond Up to 1/2 Acre, 6” deep, over 1 million gallons, 105W, 110V Compressor + 70' Weighted Tubing + 2 Diffusers.

Brand: HQUA

Septic Aerator Kit by HQUA Features:

  • No Algae, No Green Water, No Fish-kill. Create a great Eco-circulation for your Pond/Garden. Air compressed blows into the bottom of the water, increase the dissolved oxygen rate. Keep it clean and healthy.
  • Able to aerate pond up to 1/2 acre, up to 6' deep while the motor draws 0.95 amps and pumps 5 CFM of air.
  • High Efficient and Quiet 1/8 Hp Oil-less Rocking Piston Air Pump. Only 40dB when it is working. All Aluminum Air Pump Chassis is built to last and rigorous construction standards ensure years of trouble-free operation.
  • 65” High quality weighted hose airline, EPDM non-stick membrane Air Club/Diffuser provide effective air diffusing while being virtually maintenance-free.
  • Koi Pond or Water Garden will be benefited by this Aeration a lot. Up to 1 million gallons pond.

EAN: 0606719995196

Package Dimensions: 16.5 x 16.0 x 9.7 inches

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