Simply Ponds 2100 Water Garden and Pond Kit


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Simply Ponds Water Garden and Pond Kit is Everything a Pond Kit Needs. With a Pond Liner, submersible water pump that's safe for fish and aquatic plants the neighbors are sure to be jealous.


Color: Simply Ponds 2100

Simply Ponds 2100 Water Garden and Pond Kit Features:

  • Build a 10' x 10' 1500-gallon water garden or fish pond at a 2' depth. Finished pond length, width, and depth can be tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Pond liner and submersible water pump are safe for fish, wildlife and aquatic plants.
  • The Simply Ponds 2100 Water Garden Kit includes: Savio 16" Waterfall Filter, Pond Builder 7" Serenity Skimmer, Manta 2,100 GPH Submersible Pump, 45-Mil EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner, UnderGuard Underlayment Non-woven Geotextile, Patriot Pond Lighting 1-Watt Mini Bronze Spot Light with 6-Watt Transformer, 1.5" x 25' Kink Free Tubing, Savio Black Foam - 12 oz can, Rescue Water Treatments Beneficial Bacteria - 8 oz
  • One contact for warranty claims. Warranties on major components: EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner - Limited Lifetime (when installed with UnderGuard); Savio 16" Waterfall Filter - 5 year; 7" Serenity Skimmer - 5 Year; Manta 2,100 Pump - 2 year; Patriot Pond Lighting - 1 Year; Kink Free Tubing - 25 Years
  • All installation hardware and plumbing fixtures are included. Ships as a ground package, Fast and Free!

Publisher: Anjon Manufacturing

Simply Ponds 2100 Water Garden and Pond Kit Details:

Transform your lawn by creating a beautiful water garden with Simply Ponds.

Simply Ponds is the ideal kit for homeowners creating a small water garden, fish pond or water feature.

Each item in a Simply Ponds kit is selected to provide ideal performance and create a beautiful, low-maintenance backyard oasis.

Only quality hardware from leading manufacturers are in your kit, allowing you to enjoy your water feature for years to come.

Get more for your money and remove the guesswork of individually selecting components.

Simply Ponds is the perfect solution for your first pond or adding on to current ponds.

Start with the kit that includes everything you need to build a water garden or pond.

The Simply Ponds 2100 Water Garden Kit includes:

• Savio 16" Waterfall Filter • Pond Builder 7" Serenity Skimmer

• Manta 2,100 GPH Submersible Pump

• 15' x 15' 45-Mil EPDM LifeGuard Pond Liner

• 225 SqFt. UnderGuard Underlayment Non-woven Geotextile

• Patriot Pond Lighting Submersible Light Set - (1) Bronze LED Spot Light w/ 6-Watt Transformer

• 1.5" x 25' Kink Free Tubing

• Savio Black Foam - 12 oz can & All Necessary Plumbing Fixtures

• Rescue Water Treatment's Beneficial Bacteria - 8 oz Bottle

• All Necessary Plumbing Fixtures

UPC: 609456721431

EAN: 609456721431

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