Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit


Consider the Solariver Solar Water Pump KitInstead of troubling yourself with the daunting task of assembling your solar powered pond with each individual item.

This specific item of Solariver, includes a total Solar Water Pump Kit. Running at 160+GPH and comes with a Submersible Water Pump and 10 Watt Solar Panel.

Perfect Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit

Perfect for Sun Powered Fountain, Waterfall, Pond Aeration, Aquarium, Aquaculture (NO Battery Backup)

The Solariver kit includes a submersible direct current pump with 20 watt solar panel that is ideal for "do it yourself" solar fountains, for pond circulation, water features, hydroponics, and more!

Features of the Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit:

  • The Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit moves larges volumes of water without ever plugging into the grid!
  • It is ideal for large fountains, water features, ponds, streams, waterfalls, hydroponics, aquaponics, greenhouses, rainwater collection, animal troughs, natural pools or anywhere you need to pump water and don't want to run power to or just want to save on expensive energy bills!
  • Does not include battery.
  • Keep in mind that it will only run during the day.
  • The durable and efficient submersible brushless magnetic pump has a long life (20,000+ hours), has a removable pre-filter to prevent debris clogging impeller and is non-toxic to fish, frogs and other aquatic life.
  • The 10 watt solar panel is framed with aluminum, comes with a stake and can be placed up to 16 feet away from the pump with included power cord.
  • Optional 16' extension cord sold separately allows for placement even further away from the pump.

Details on the Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit:


Use the sun's free energy for all your water pumping needs!

This Direct Current pump with included 10 watt solar panel is perfect for:

-DIY Solar Fountains
-Pond Circulation
-Water Features
-Solar Ed
-Garden and Pools
-Survival or Off the Grid Water Pumping Applications

The brushless magnetic motor with long life (20,000 hours) and low noise is fully submersible in fresh or saltwater.

It is Non-toxic for fish or other aquatic life. These magnetic driven pumps can handle running all day everyday.

The 10 watt polycrystalline solar panel has a durable aluminum frame and includes a stake.

The extra long (16ft) cord allows great flexibility for placement of pump and panel. No wiring necessary.

Solariver Water Pump Kit More Details

The Solariver Water Pump Kit with submersible direct current pump and two 35 watt solar panels is the ideal water pump kit for DIY solar fountains. If you have a need for  pond circulation, enjoy water features, include hydroponics, enjoy aquariums, it's a fantastic substitute for any remote water pumping uses.

The Brushless magnetic motor has a long life of about 20,000 hours. Furthermore, with low noise it is completely submersible in both types of water (fresh and salty). 

The Solariver Water Pump Kit contains a dry run protection additional feature. This will automatically shut off with low levels of water. 

UPC: 645759814142

EAN: 645759814142

Package Dimensions: 16.5 x 10.7 x 4.8 inches.

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