Squirrel Picnic Table: Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder


Squirrel Picnic Table Allows for Everyone to Enjoy watching the squirrels as they scamper onto the feeder and have a seat at the table! 

Squirrel Picnic Table: Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder

Brand: The Squirrel Shop, LLC

Squirrel Picnic Table Features:

  • Start Your Day With a Smile by Watching the Squirrels Play on This Cute Picnic Table Feeder. Proudly made in the USA!

  • A Wonderful Gift For Nature Lovers and Backyard Enthusiasts. You Will Love This Feeder From the Moment You Open it Up and Smell the Freshly Cut Cedar.

  • Great For Deterring Squirrels From Bird Feeders! (Corn is NOT Included). Nice Additional Product to Go Along with Your Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder.

  • Feeding Squirrels is a Great Way to Have More Fun With the Wildlife in Your Yard. Watch the Squirrels Chase Each Other in Circles While They Take Turns Sitting on the Benches.

  • Our Feeders Are Made by Hand in Our Small Shop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We Are Certain That You Will Love This Feeder and Offer an Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. The Feeders are Made From Naturally Decay Resistant Cedar and Will Age Beautifully in Your Yard.

Squirrel Picnic Table: Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder Details:

This beautiful picnic table squirrel feeder is PERFECT for your backyard. Easily place an ear of dried corn on the top of the picnic table using the two inch screw as a holder.

Use this along with a squirrel proof bird feeder to keep the squirrels where you want them.

This feeder is solidly built from naturally decay resistant cedar. The feeder easily attaches to wooden surfaces with two screws.

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 7.1 x 5.0 inches

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