Tetra Pond Filters UV Light


The tetra pond filters UV light works in order to maintain your pond in a clean, clear, and free of green algae environment.

Tetra Pond Filters UV Light: GreenFree UV Clarifier 


This pond filter for UV light is built in with the purpose of removing heavy algae blooms within a span of 5 days.

pond uv light replacement bulbs

Furthermore, the ideal design for these filters is seen when they are applied in or around ponds up to 1800-gallons.

Tetra Pond Filters UV Light Also includes 3/4, 1, and 1 1/4 adapters!

Tetra Pond Filters UV Light Details:

The Clarifier Power Cord is a 15 foot power cable that makes placing your UV Clarifier easy to reach and use.

Specifically, the TetraPond GreenFree UV Clarifiers work to keep your pond clean! Not only that, you'll notice your pond water take on a clear, and free of green algae environment.

Dependable Clarifiers With Tetra Pond UV Light

These dependable clarifiers use UV light in order to combat the suspended green algae.

As algae are pushed or pumped into the Clarifier they are exposed to Ultra-Violet light that destroys the reproductive ability of single celled algae.

The already ill-disposed green algae is then pumped out of the Clarifier where it clumps and is removed by your tank’s filtration system.

Tetra UV Clarifiers will typically remove heavy algae blooms within five days and keep your pond algae-free long term.

Tetra Pond UV Light Components:

PL-S UV bulb: Provides 11 months of continuous operation
High clarity quartz tube
Stainless steel insert: Reflective surface increases UV exposure. Prevents internal UV degradation of plastic housing.
Quick release couplings
Transparent fittings allow lamp-on check
Mounting brackets!

UPC: 46798195207

EAN: 780681128865

Package Dimensions: 15.8 x 11.7 x 5.6 inches

Frequently Asked Questions About Tetra Pond UV Light:



How does UV light work in pond?

According to UV Lights: A Beginners Guide, UV lights work when water from your pond is pumped through their light path. The single-celled, free-flowing algae within your pond water is then exposed to these high levels of ultraviolet light. This light destroys their DNA and kills them.


What is a UV clarifier?


UV clarifier operates as a passthrough for water within a tube where there is a UV Bulb placed next to it. The high intensity UV Light, kills off the microscopic algae cells that form.


How often should I change my pond UV light?


Standard practice for UV Pond Light exchange (out with the old, in with the new) relies on the lights maximum effectiveness. That is to say, a pond owner should change the UV bulb at least once a year.

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