TetraPond APK100 Air Pump Kit


The TetraPond APK100 Air Pump Kit is a winter pond survival tool. As the perfect addition to ponds up to 5,000 gallons, it produces a comfortable pace of 100 gallons per hour flow!

Why the TetraPond APK100 Air Pump Kit?

The Brand of this Air Pump Kit is: Tetra Pond

Features of the TetraPond Air Pump Kit:

  • Provides precious oxygen to pond and fish
  • A winter survival must-have!
  • TetraPond Air Pump kit is for ponds up to 5000 gallons
  • Flow Rate? 100 gallons per hour flow
  • This air pump kit is For outdoor use. Once you purchase, please refer the troubleshooting steps provided with the Product in case of any issues

TetraPond APK100 Air Pump Kit Details:

For 5 complete decades, pond fish-keeping DIY'ers have been relying upon TetraPond and products. Why?

Because (including the TetraPond Air Pump Kit) they add ease and beauty to their home.

Regardless if you're a novice or well seasoned pond keeper, the TetraPond APK100 Air Pump Kit has it all. 

It goes without saying, this air pump kit provides the means for your fish pond to receive oxygen. Not only that, but it is a go-to too for safely getting your ponds through the winter.

As pond start the winterization phase, water will become stagnant and therefore lose it' oxygen saturation. 

This is bad because you need oxygen in your pond for life to keep thriving!

The TetraPond APK100 Air Pump Kit includes: tubing and connection needed to keep your pond circulating and alive.

Oh and by the way! The APK100 is for ponds up to 5000 gallons. That means 100 gallons per hour flow!

UPC: 617407750355

EAN: 6709309428419

Package Dimensions: 10.9 x 5.6 x 5.5 inches

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