Winter Pond Aerator Heater Kit for Outdoor Ponds


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Winter is Coming. You require a pond heater and pond aerator combination that provides maximum winter pond protection. Winterize your pond the right way.

Brand: Natural Waterscapes

Features of the Winter Pond Aerator Heater Kit:

  • Pond Heater and Pond Aerator combo for maximum winter pond protection
  • Pond Aeration System includes aerator pump, air stone diffuser, 25' airline and check valve
  • Pond Deicer can be used as a floating heater or submerged heater- float is removable to convert into submersible heater.
  • Use aerator oxygenator to improve water quality all year- increased oxygen reduces waste & improves koi health.
  • Use deicer heater to maintain an opening in ice- allows toxic gases to release from pond water & keep pond fish healthy.

Publisher: Natural Waterscapes

Winter Pond Aerator Heater Kit for Outdoor Ponds Details:

The Winter Pond Aerator and Heater Kit provides 2 ways to keep your koi pond protected during cold weather.

The K&H 250 watt Pond Deicer outdoor pond heater maintains an opening in ice throughout winter months.

The EasyPro CAS1 Pond Aeration Kit outdoor pond aerator provides necessary oxygen to fish all months of the year.

The deicer is thermostatically controlled so it will turn on/off as needed to keep koi pond from freezing over.

The deicer can be used as a floating or submersible heater. The pond heater includes a 12 foot cord and 2 year warranty.

Pond Aeration System includes an air pump with 6 foot cord, 25 feet of air line, and air diffuser.

Aerator is rated for up to 1,000 gallons and can operate in up to 4 feet water depth.

Package Dimensions: 10.0 x 10.0 x 10.0 inches

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